Monday, July 17, 2023

photobook inspiration

yes, i turned this picture upside down to make it easier to read.

on the berlin visit, i saw the most inspiring photobooks! i noticed them on the shelf and saw the interesting stitched spines and asked about them. then we passed a couple of lovely hours, looking through them. they were so inspiring! and the photos were incredible - not your average family vacation photos, but more like a hardbound national geographic. just lovely!

and even more inspiring were the photobooks they made of a trip to morocco - five of them, each grouped by color - red, white, blue, green and ochre. just exquisite and so inspiring! i have hundreds of photos and while they're largely not the artworks that anna's photos were, it was such a great way to preserve them, rather than just paging through them on my phone or searching my computer for the right one. definitely got to make some for us. anybody know a good photobook manufacturer?


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Sandra said...

I wish I did. This is a very good idea, I know you will come up with something beautiful.