Thursday, August 03, 2023

one down, two to go

it took me most of the day to figure this out. i combined two ikea fabrics from my stash and made a reversible pillow for the new lounge area in the covered terrace that husband has built this summer. i bought a pallet cushion as the base and so this is basically a cover, though i have sewn the buttons on, so i'll have to clip them off if i want to remove it. 

i spent quite a long time fiddling with the zipper. i was pleased with myself for finding a long zipper for only 10kr. in the local secondhand shop. maybe i won't bother with the zippers in the next ones since i'm sewing the buttons on. it makes quite a difference to have them there - it keeps its shape much more nicely.

i really love how the buttons look. i don't love the sawdust that i got on the brand new cushion because i couldn't resist trying it out in position and husband was still sanding the bench in preparation for painting it. 

prepped the buttons for the next two. i'm really pleased with how they turned out. and they look cool and i think they'll be quite flat and not uncomfortable to sit on them. at least these rainy weather is good for such activities. 

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Sandra said...

Very nice! Also husband made a fantastic covered terrace.