Sunday, February 04, 2024

entering my sparkling era

i think i mentioned that i vowed to wear something sparkly to the office every day i went to the office in december. i did indeed do so and every single time made me happy, so i decided i'd continue it. maybe not every day, but regularly. because we can all use a bit more sparkle in our lives. it makes me happy, just seeing it all hanging there in my closet, i don't even need to have it on. but wearing sequins makes me happy too. especially the bronze-colored pants i bought at yes, h&m, they're super soft and comfortable and the sparkle just adds that extra bit of joy to my day. it's impossible to have a bad day when you're literally sparkling. 

the latest addition is a pink pair that were on the winter sales for 50% off. can't wait to wear them. they're also the soft, comfy kind.


Sandra said...

The sparkly clothes look fun! I bet your coworkers like seeing the sparkle you bring into the office. I do well on most days getting out of my pajamas!

Polly said...

Hello! Goodness, all that sparkle makes me think of Abba, very positive vibes, great for February! I wouldn't dare to wear it to work but it's nice to imagine this in my wardrobe xx

julochka said...

i've not brought much sparkle to the office over the past few weeks - too little sunshine and too much negativity. i need to remind myself to sparkle again.