Tuesday, January 09, 2024

looking for delights

it's delights week over at the grown-ups' table (a 30-day drawing challenge on wendy macnaughton's wonderful substack). and after a slow commute home (the roads are still terrible out there - especially around aarhus, they don't appear to have even attempted to clear them), frustrations borne of what i can only characterize as xenophobia and sexism, and a bit of lingering sadness over those dashed christmas expectations, it all adds up to a strong need for some delight this evening.

before i turn to drawing something from nature (probably another cactus), i thought i'd just look though my recent photos to find some traces of delight. as you can tell from my last few posts, i have found the recent snow to be utterly delightful to go for a walk in (though driving in it has been less fun). 

i am quite delighted by the little lamp i found in a secondhand store for only 50kr. it fits beside the bed upstairs and its plain white shade was the perfect canvas for painting a few cactus to match the mural on the bedroom wall. it's such a delight to sleep in this lovely room every night. 

another delight is this new cup by my favorite ceramics artist that i got for christmas. i swear coffee tastes better from the right cup.

and i'm feeling better already, just thinking about delight. so one last one for today - travis the kitten is so helpful with my daily drawings. i'll see if he's up for helping me draw something from nature. maybe i'm no longer feeling prickly, so i'm now thinking snowdrops - when the snow thaws in the next couple of days, they just might be poking through and in the meantime, i'll draw the memory of them. 

what's delighting you today?


Sandra said...

You need some delights, it's been a rough few weeks for you. I found delight in all you showed, thank you!

Molly said...

I'm watching South Africa's submission to the ICJ (so proud) and catching up on blogs...
I'm sorry your Christmas was fraught. I hate that you were treated unkindly. What kind of person doesn't take a gift home - even if they abhorred it??!

I love the screaming in the forest, and that it brought you some relief. Your snow pictures are incredible! As is your daily practise of taking photos daily since 2008 (when I 'met' you!).

And finally much admiration for your weight loss. This middle-age menopausal spread is no joke and I also have such moments of bleakness about it. Wegovy is not an option here and all the other medicinal options are deeply untrustworthy and snake-oily.
Last year I found a really lovely gym locally and was just getting in to it when I had to have another ankle op, but now I'm back, they've just reopened this week and I'm filled with new year optimism about finally shedding some kilos! (now to maintain the regimen, and the optimism...)
I also agree with Sandra though, in being wary of losing too much more weight. You know at this age we need some to maintain our natural fillers, I have some friends who've lost so much that they may look skinnier, but also much older than they actually are, which kind of defeats the gains.

I have your podcast queued on Spotify, in preparation for starting school lifting again next week, and I hope that 2024 brings lots of good things for you - not least of all some more social life, and creativity. Thank you for persisting in this space, it's lovely to come and read you here.

julochka said...

thank you to both of you...i'm bad myself about coming back and answering in a timely manner. where does the time go? i am so glad we are still in touch after all these years and that i still have this space. <3