Monday, April 27, 2009

yay for monday!

yay for monday and yay for heidikins!  and yay for super cool ruthie pearl reusable shopping bags! and yay for me, because i won this in heidikins' happy birthday roxy (roxy is her super cute shiny red bug) giveaway!

"aunt jean" print
eco-friendly shopping bag!

i had to choose the one with red, in honor of miss roxy and of course, my red smeg. :-)
i already always, always use canvas bags for my groceries, but it will be so much fun to have a pretty new one that i can reverse as my mood dictates.  thank you heidikins and thank you ruthie pearl !!

i can't wait to have it in the basket when i ride my red bike down to the red mailbox:
taken with diana+ & cross-processed

i hope you wake up to a happy surprise this monday too!

...and now, to work for me.


Anonymous said...


oh, the red smeg!

Sammi said...

Awesome blog, I love it :D I found you through Blogs of Note! Absolutely love it :)

Daisy-May said...

I am a new blogger and i absolutely love the happy spirit of your blog and all the very pretty redness in this post!

love said...

RED Rocks. I love red and red and sunny yellow. Let's all wear bright no more grays. Yeah.
Oh my gosh I just got to photograph the most fun couple for their engagement. Come seeeeeeeeee.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for an energetic red start of the week.

Polly said...

oh, red is currently my favourite colour!! that fridge is divine!!!! the shopping bag is cool too, well done winning it :-)

heidikins said...

Aw shucks, this is quite the shout-out! I'm so glad you're excited!


Char said...

congrats!!! love the red fridge