Friday, July 24, 2009

the games we play

yesterday, at the birthday party, i stalked followed the children around with the camera(s), trying to catch them in moments of play without them posing. it became a game in which sabin and her friend j decided to try to run away and avoid having their picture taken. however, in actuality, they wanted to be photographed, so although i've got a zillion pictures where they are but blurs, there were some real gems, where their energy and their very life force simply beamed out of them. it was a good and joyful game.

before the game really began, they were intently watching a dog training session
note: this pic taken with the D60 - note color difference to pictures below, which were all taken with D300
the D60 really rocks the color. no processing on any of them, they're straight out of the camera

and now, the game is on and they are blurs


even with a plastic toy gun, they were poetry in motion. 


Optimistic Pessimist said...

Whew...just got caught up on all your secrets..only to find a new post!

I absolutely love the motion in these pictures. Makes me feel like I'm running along with them.

Char said...

I love to watch them play, it makes me remember many many moonlit nights in the summer.

Anonymous said...

The motion pictures are fantastic. They seem to capture everything childhood should be.

Suzanne said...

A lot of times, I delete the blurry ones b/c they look so crappy on the small screen. I missed one of my daughter swinging once and it was like yours - full of movement, joy and just fun.

I never delete them anymore...till I see them on the big screen and they really are crap.

Kelly L said...

Those are really good pictures! Almost 3D. Looks like a lot of fun too.


rxBambi said...

I completely agree with OP and Es, I couldn't get the word but there it is. Motion. I too always delete the blurry ones but I love these. Looks like a great party. Was this before or after the wine?