Saturday, July 25, 2009

recipe for a perfect saturday

if you want to have a perfect saturday, here's what you need:

1 glorious, sunny day with temps in the lower 70s
1 husband, busily working in the garden, but not requiring anything from you
1 8-year-old daughter, calling out cheerfully and laughing frequently in the distance
1 friend for 8-year-old daughter (keeps her out of your hair)
1 peaceful, out-of-the-way spot in the garden (preferably with lots of comfy pillows)
1 stack of cookbooks to browse through, looking for inspiration
1 macbook pro
2 nikons (one w/60mm macro lens and one w/18-200mm zoom)
1 pot of mint tea
1 excellent wifi signal

add buzzing bees, flitting butterflies, singing birds and 6 meters of lavender for atmosphere.

these are my four favorite cookbooks. the ones i return to again and again. nigella lawson's forever summer, jamie oliver's happy days with the naked chef, sam & sam clark's first moro cookbook and nigel slater's real food. if i had to get rid of all of my other (100 or so) cookbooks and keep only four, it would be these four.

add in that when i went to the grocery store, they had a special on 6 bottles of a great spiers vintage selection sauvignon blanc (i saved 330 kroner or $60 off the regular price) if i hadn't been on my bike i'd have bought 12, but six is good too and i also discovered i could carry a box of six bottles of wine on the little carrier on my bike, which is good to know. and i love spiers (only delheim do i love more and i never see any here in denmark).

i stopped by our wonderful fish store in town. the owner is so friendly and pleasant, i definitely go out of my way to go there a couple of times a week. today, i bought a beautiful piece of halibut, which is marinating in golden locally-produced cold-pressed rapeseed oil, ginger, slices of lemon and white wine, plus a bit of cilantro from the herb garden. i also bought a handful of big crab claws that i'm going to dig all the good meat out of and make a crab crostini appetizer (inspired by nigella). with tarragon potato salad - tarragon and potatoes from our own garden, it will be a lovely summer dinner. and it will go brilliantly with the sauvignon blanc.

hoping your saturday is perfect too, wherever you are.


The Redhead Riter said...

I love Nigella and Jamie!!! How can you not love a woman who eats with her hands straight from the refrigerator and gets messy!!!

Sending blog ♥

spudballoo said...

Mmmmm wonderful photos, and a perfect day! Despite the fact I can't cook, I own 3 of those 4 books...I dont have the Moro one but MrSpud took me there for dinner once, does that count?

Yum to the wine, no thanks to the fish...bleargh!! xx

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

All that summer should be.. savor each moment!

Cyndy said...

My next two Saturdays will be filled with wedding bliss (and, thankfully, lots of chilled wine). I am looking forward to the Sundays that follow...

I wonder if any of the weddings will offer this type of fun?

Just Jules said...

I love seeing the cobweb on the cone flower ... lovely photos - perfect recipe

molly said...

WOOF! that is SOME perfect day!

kristina said...

yes, perfect! :-)

rxBambi said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful day, and definitely one to keep in the memory book for a cold dark wintery saturday that will be upon us before long.
I've never heard of those cookbooks, but I'll check them out (slowly but surely I'll become just like's what I do). As for the photos: excellent, but you can keep the bees...

kristine said...

love thos photos, especially all your yellow flowers. i have the same favouritest cookbooks as you, especially moro - delicious!!!

christina said...

Did you say- mac pro??? Hubba hubba!
I want to kiss on Jamie Oliver and call him, big pappa!
: ) I adore your saturday.

Char said...

gorgeous shots - I so wish I had gotten the 60mm instead of the 100mm macro. Silly me.

:) it sounds like perfection for sure

Kim: said...

That whole post was like ... the word that sounds like "corn" but starts with a "p" instead. (I don't want you to get the wrong kind of traffic.)

Ahhh ... I drool. said...


Suzanne said...

Remind me to come to your house on a Saturday...or any day.


I'm going to re-read this post until I have a day like this...

Magpie said...

Do you know Falling Cloudberries? It's a beautiful cookbook, and you'd love it if you don't have it.