Thursday, July 30, 2009

sights and well, sights...

several things about the journey. long layover in amsterdam due to optimization of ticket prices. happily, we decided to take the train to amsterdam and walk around. it was a beautiful day and that was wonderful. and no doubt fortified us for the horrendously long flight ahead. because it is a horrendously long flight. and there is a world of difference between monkey and business class (which i will regale you with tales of another day, when i don't have to get up early and fly to kuala lumpur for the day). in the meantime, here are some snapshots of the journey thus far...

totally adore these retro-painted SAS planes. SAS has class. too bad we flew KLM.

love those silver converse all-stars

mmm, frozen hazelnut coffee in (you guessed it) amsterdam

and little pancakes with lovely, tart lemony sauce.
worth the 7-hour layover alone.

playing drawing games in the sunshine.

an interminably long time later, cut to a japanese restaurant at clark quay, singapore

a fountain to play in and keep the sleepies at bay.
crocs are good for something, they can be wet.

and a couple of martinis for the folks.
plus a shirley temple for the pooka.

yes, that's outdoor air conditioning. indefensible.

sneaked a self-portrait in the fitting room of miss whatever while sabin tried on a dress.
gee, i don't look tired at all, do i?

keeping the jetlag at bay with a grande latte.
sorry, i just gotta do starbucks when i see it.

i adore this system of wooden clothespins used by the waitresses
at bi feng tang in the wisma food court.
also adore the sambal kung kang, but failed to photograph it.
will have to go back.

seen in the window of some telecom provider.
loved it.
and it seems like a good note to leave on...
see you soon...

p.s. blogger cutting off the right edge of my photos strangely and i don't have the energy to figure out why, so just know that i'm aware they're kinda cut off, but the originals aren't...i promise to fix it later.


An Open Heart said...

Photos look good here in usual! Have a great trip! I'll stay tuned for all of the excitement I'm sure you and yours will have...a girl has to live vicariously through her bloggy friends....

Anonymous said...

Those little dutch shoes didn't give anything away, I promise.

Outdoor air conditioning? They didn't have *that* when I was there. 40 years ago. Shocking, right? :)


Polly said...

ah, great account of your journey to the East, makes me want to get on a plane, however interminable the journey... hey, another three months and I'll be going the same way. can't wait

and you don't look tired at all

Kim: said...

Are those kernels of corn that your daughter is standing in in the Japanese restaurant in Singapore?

Great pictures! So jealous! Love it.


Cyndy said...

L.o.v.e. the picture of Sabin at the fountain! She and water seem to get along so well! Is she, perhaps, part mermaid? The clothespin shot was great, too.

Am so looking forward to rest of my vicarious vacation to the Orient. Seems just like yesterday that I was enjoying a pint in Dublin...

wv: hendsp: the condition that occurs when you spend countless hours on an airplane. Your hands are asleep, your hips are locked and those feet you see below you could not possibly be yours.

Unknown said...

looks like you are having lots of fun!

Favorite shot...ummm...well...I guess I liked them all...alot!

Happy travels!

Mari Mansourian said...

great shots, get some rest and enjoy the rest of your trip :)

kristina said...

great photos!! hope you're having a great time!
I think the photos get cut when you decrease the browser window, the sidebar sort of "slides over" the photos. when you make the browser window larger the photos are fully visible. hope you understand what I mean :-)

Pattern and Perspective said...

Ooh, looks fun thus far. I wish I was there....I hope you guys have loads of fun!

Valisa said...

have a great vacation! Can't believe you're where I live now (netherlands) and where I come from Malaysia!

spudballoo said...

Hello!!! Fab photos, I struggled with blogger tonight...I posted to the BC blog, couldn't get the photos the right size etc. urgh, nightmare. WORDPRES RULES!!

Love the Crocs v fountain it's brilliant.

Have a fab time x

Sarah Anne said...

Looks like fun!

histreasure said...

you sure do have a great eye...and that's what makes ur pics such a delight to view.. have a great vacy and do keep it coming

Just Jules said...

you do look a bit tired. But that is how trips go. You need a rest when you get done!

SE'LAH... said...

looks like a fun trip.
those pancakes look yummy.