Friday, September 03, 2010

you can see their shadows wandering off somewhere

i always said, give me habermas and hegel. i want benjamin and kant and nietzsche. and marx, i can't get enough of him.  you can keep camus and voltaire and rousseau and especially derrida (who could understand him anyway?). but now, i'm not so sure...i think i missed something in all that reading. some window onto a special kind of logic. one that would help me greatly right now.

but i'm not going to think about that anymore. i'm just going to have a great weekend. riding off into the sunset.

maybe all the philosopher i need is fastball...

they made up their minds and they started packin'
they left before the sun came up that day.
an exit to eternal summer slackin'
but where were they goin'
without ever knowin' the way....


will said...

Perhaps you can squeeze in a bit of Edmund Husserl. Of course George Carlin also nailed it.

Char said...

the journey - the destination - what is it all really but a moving target at the tangents of satisfaction, happiness and despair.

i think fastball is onto something. i never seem to know the way - i just go along. some would say that's why i've never risen really high but...i've learned a lot on the journey.

heidikins said...

I'm taking a Marxist Economics class this semester, from the most Marxists economics department in the country. We are reading Das Kapital in it's entirety, translated by my wiry, 7-foot-tall, 60-something, white-haired German professor.

I am both excited and terrified. ;o)


Elizabeth said...

You are in need of blogcamp. Hold on just a few more days and than you can enter your world again.