Wednesday, September 08, 2010

and we're back

new york city burning
after a long summer hiatus, kristina and i are back on across ø/öresund, sharing creativity across the sound separating denmark and sweden. we'll be posting highlights from the first roll from our summer film swap. i exposed a roll of expired slide film (oops, those pretenses again) in south dakota (or should i say sabin took most of the photos one evening when we had a bonfire) and then sent the roll to kristina in new york city. then kristina got it cross processed and here is the first of the results.

while of course the entire roll doesn't turn out as well as you might hope, there are some very cool and unexpected effects. kristina's camera rolled the film differently, so not only are they double exposures, but also half frames on top of my originals. i think it's especially effective on this shot of city streets.

be sure to stop by across ø/öresund in the next few days to see more. and do check out the interviews we did of one another. kristina's interview of me and mine of her.

we've got more fun planned over there, so keep checking it out. we'll definitely be getting up to photo fun at blog camp berlin in 10 days.


McVal said...

wOW! That turned out kind of cool! I haven't worked with actual film in a long time!

Cyndy said...

I came here via Twitter since I thought a shot of the shoes you were speaking of on FaceBook would be there, and now you have me intrigued with the double exposure photo (which I hope to see again on Fickr) and thinking about all of the great blogs out there. Quite a moment in social media, and, as usual, you were at the center of the vortex!

Cyndy said...

WordPress, of course! Any more places I can find you in this vast internet world? Next time I will remember to pack a change of clothes and bring a snack! (big grins)

Char said...

LOL had to laugh at the pretensions comment.

great effects - i would have never guessed how these would turn out.

mrs mediocrity said...

oh wow. that is incredible and eerie and i love it.

kristina - no penny for them said...

very cool shot! i'm off to oeresund next... ;)