Friday, September 17, 2010

and the sun breaks through

it's been a stormy week weatherwise and although i often feel that the weather reflects my mood and pause to wonder if i'm causing it, this week that hasn't been the case. i have definitely felt the sun breaking through a cloud that's hung over my head for the better part of the past few months. one that i strangely didn't really realize was there until it dissipated. how is it that we're so inside of ourselves that we can't see what's really going on?

i feel so happy that the mild depression i've apparently been in is lifting. and it's lifting just in time for blog camp berlin. and i feel truly excited and happy to be leaving tomorrow morning on the train. i've got energy again and am ready for loads of laughter and talking and catching up and getting to know a couple of new people in person. tho' thanks to the blogosphere, they already all feel like old friends.

i don't know what adventures lie ahead the next few days, but i'm looking very much forward to them, whatever they are...

happy weekend one and all...may the sun break through wherever you are.


rayfamily said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy blog camp! xo

mister exc said...

believe me when i say I'm intrigued by your blog. just today I've thought rather deeply about individual persona's changing the weather or climate.

take hitler. the production of vw's (the german car company started by, yeah, hitler.) must have scarred the climate badly, as the whole of ww2! think of all the explosives and car fuels burned and airplane-fuel wasted! if all of this hasn't changed the climate even a little bit, maybe the new engines and other inventions he was the cause of would. or maybe we went conservative after the war and that changed the climate in a positive way. or the mix of the two caused something. all i know for sure is that it may rain somewhere in the world right now, and if hitler hadn't been, it wouldn't. or vice versa. someone might die of pneumonia or dehydration, and hitler got another kill on his death-list.

scary isn't it?

on the other hand, he might have saved someone, and over time it might for some reason change the climate so its always rainy on the days we want it to rain and sunny on days it should be sunny instead of the other way around, just because he shoved it one day ahead. thus making people all over the world happy, or cheering them up at the perfect times. instead of one day too late. at one time his saved-people-list would exceed his kill-list and the whole wo2 would have a good side to it! a lot of wars are prevented because of the scarring experiences people had during the war, and science would be two-and-some steps ahead because of his engines, better communication devices and, of-course, my "one-day climate change" theory.

i guess there's really a sun behind every silver lining.

what a happy thought.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos! Enjoy blog camp and have lots of fun next week. :)

Molly said...

Glad you're feeling more chipper - I know EXACTLY what you mean.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Meri said...

Have a marvelous time! (How could it not be marvelous, when you're at blog camp?)