Wednesday, February 02, 2011

waiting for clarity

it feels sometimes like everyone else has all of the ideas. which sounds odd, because i've been babbling on of late about how many ideas are swirling in my head. so maybe it's not a lack of ideas, it's that everyone else actually sits down and acts on them, while i sit here stewing in my idea soup. but it's also that other people's ideas seem profound - like these beautiful little art quilts that commemorate the zeitgeist by exploring the theme of foreclosure.

i can't really remember the last time i had a profound idea. i guess my ideas come in quantity and not quality these days. and that quantity can be paralyzing, leaving you unable to act on any of them. or even just get started. so i sit around, making what i can only begin to characterize as an obscene amount of clarity birds. there is, after all, a kind of meditation in repetition. and i remain hopeful that clarity will come. but i don't feel very patient here in the waiting.


Lisa-Marie said...

I don't know if I have profound ideas at all. I have strong thoughts, I have definite thoughs, I have informed ideas. But I don't know that any are profound.

Karen said... 45 I'm still searching for clarity.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Remember the saying-"good things come to those who wait!"
I also think you have a lot of clarity--look at the quilt you made and other things you have achieved with your art.


Tracy :)

Lynette said...

what a lovely and honest post today. i think many of us can relate......have a sweet day!

Jo B said...

I adore your clarity birds, and as reader of your blog for ages (and my first comment) you really don't strike me as someone who lacks ideas or the ability to make them happen. You should meet me- then you would feel better!

Procrastinator of England. X

Deb said...

Hmmm...sometimes 'profound' is all around and we don't notice!

Char said...

the greens, the blues...the waiting. didn't tom petty write something about the waiting? hmmmm

The Queens Table said...

A perfect green photo of a Beautiful creation.

Pia K said...

i'm so glad you wrote this, because this is just how i feel (too often), the plethora of ideas just swirling and paralyzing me form actually DOING. that's why i promised myself i need to finish one project every day this year, however small. just do it. and so far it has worked! i have been knitting, crocheting, even sewing, baking, cooking, cleaning up some stuff that have been just lying aorund for too too long, photographing, writing, getting in touch at last, dealing with something-something and so forth. those small steps can lead to another (which is obvious, but yes, with all those ideas swirling we seem to think it needs to be major accomplishments. it really doesn't.)

kristina said...

I LOVE that second photo. went to flickr to see if you had it there so I could fav it, but couldn't find it. I demand you put it on flickr ;-)