Sunday, November 13, 2011

truth in blogging

the fog is as thick as the proverbial pea soup out there. even tho' the sun tried to break through earlier, it never fully succeeded. just stepping outside sends a chill straight through to the bones. it's really starting to be winter. i'm swaddled in multiple sweaters, there are candles burning all over the house and a steaming cup of tea keeps the chill at bay. but the weather's the perfect excuse to sit down with the iPad and check in on the blogosphere.

i flipped through loads of inspiring words and photos and it seemed as if everything was rosy out there in blogland. but then i read bee's post, where she calls for some reality. and i realized that i too miss reality in the midst of all that perfection in the blogosphere. where are the mommy bloggers who admit it's hard and that they sometimes want to scream or run away? what about the fabulous craft projects that end up looking like a pile of crap instead of a glittering tower of crocheted fabulousness? where are the simplicity people who fall off the simplicity wagon and buy a whole collection of urban decay eyeliners? what about how much time is really spent on pinterest? or facebook? where are the people who have trouble with their apple devices? (ok, now i'm just getting silly, we know they don't exist.) what about sinks of dirty dishes and that pot you just don't want to scrub? or the dirty secrets at the back of the refrigerator.

i call for a moratorium on perfection in the blogosphere and urge you to just let it all hang out. reveal the truth...that we're not composing these posts in full makeup and false eyelashes with our hair perfectly coiffed as a perfect soufflé bakes in the oven (tho' soufflés are easier than you might think). we wake up late, we give the child three chocolate sandwiches in her lunchbox because we're in a rush and all of the sandwich meats are expired, we rush out the door to deliver her to school, one flannel pajama leg stuffed into our wellie and the other flapping on the outside. we fail to brush our hair.  (with we being me.)

i'm going to do it. let it all hang out. the whole truth. for one week.

won't you join me?


d smith kaich jones said...

not having much perfection to write about in the first place, i left off even trying years ago. that said, there are mornings and days when just sitting in the what-is feels damn close.

i am a lover of the truth, sad or joyful. bring me your truth, whoever you may be, and i will read. (as long as it is not a name-calling truth - i turn away from ugliness of the soul.)


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Very beautiful photos! I love taking photos in fog. Strange about the pea soup though - all lumpy, not like fog?
I actually have a tale of non-perfectness to share but not the time to do it, maybe later... Working my little fingers off, transcription work, super urgent, may blog about it all if I'm brave enough.

Sarah Sullivan said...

There is nothing I love better than a straight up honest post. Cause so many of us can is not like our pain is not understood. I think sometimes when we do put an honest post out there..folks respond cause they are right there too. I loved this..wonderful post hon!!

Lost Star said...

Great post. Lovely fog.

Here is to being honest.

(A comment typed whilst in pajamas. Which I haven't actually left today.)

Corrine said...

Fog, mysterious, ethereal.
Honesty, good in some things, not so much in others.
Blogs, forum for inspiration.
My reality would be all that you mention, including some expired stuff in the fridge, but I'm pretending life right now, if you pretend long enough, maybe it will come true, yes?

will said...

Oh, yeah, like I'm going to tell the truth, reveal myself and give away the story line for a best selling novel and Oscar winning movie!

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation of how blogging has changed. I always sigh when I see that some formerly average blogger has now decided that she or he needs a bigger, better website with all sorts of bells and whistles. Suddenly he or she isn't just one of us, but someone very special-- with an important, significant point of view.

I wish them well, of course, but prefer to read about the "imperfect" lives of the average bloggers. So, your suggestion sounds like a good one to me.

Unknown said...

Truth in blogging...would be wonderful....smiles

Maggie May said...

This is and always has been my blog. My tagline is 'one woman, telling the truth about her life' and it is, even when it's been very hard to do so. I'm proud of it.

Kelly said...

Inspiration is gotten from the good of everyone's worlds but it may be fun to find comfort knowing that none of us are perfect. Especially today as I went to get my haircut in the same sweats and t-shirt I slept in last night. YEP, I did it. And hoped and prayed I didn't run into anyone I knew. But tomorrow with hair cut and colored I will look perty (and I avoided being "found out"). This week of truth should be fun. Great Blog.

Molly said...

I think you're pretty good at including the good the bad and the ugly already.
Yours and Bee's posts on this have been so thought-provoking ... (pause while brain mulls over)
Looking fwd to your posts this week!

Jody Pearl said...

This has always been a tricky one for me - how honest is uncomfortable?!

I started the blog as a way to stay connected with my sewing students (past, present & potential). I try and keep on task however recently I've included a few 'home-truths' which are invariably the first topic of conversation at following workshops!

I don't have a large bloggy following which is fine, I potter along, blabbing about stuff, if others like it & can relate or are inspired that's nice, if not that's fine too.

I could have 2 Blogs - one for others and one for me but who has the time!

stephanie said...

I was just thinking about something similar this weekend. Yes, let's be honest. I'm in.

Jennifer said...

I love the idea!! I can see why people choose to focus on positive things, but it's sometimes nice to see that everything isn't always rosy and perfect. I'm writing from work on a very busy day. I sometimes pop in to read a few of my favorite blogs (including yours) for a bit of escapism, but sometimes I think how much nicer things seem for the blog writer than for myself (sorry, but it's true!). My worst sore point is that I don't have time to read anymore (or not much anyway) and I'm not able to pursue any of my creative interests (am I complaining too much - it's hard to be honest and not feel like I am??) The blogs I read are written by people who enjoy reading and seem to have a bit more time to indulge in these pleasures.... Anyway, I'm ramblng and I love reading these blogs and wish everyone all the best, but a bit of realism is nice every once in a while..

keishua said...

I am not sure why perfectionism is so popular in the blog world. I try to get away from that and read blogs that have a healthy does of realism.