Saturday, November 19, 2011

what will you do with your weekend?

i'm no longer speaking to our car. we're supposed to be going to an 80th birthday party, but car troubles are preventing it. and that makes me quite sad. 80 is such an achievement! and i know it will be quite the event and i'm sad to miss it. this is the second time our jutlandish car has let us down when it was time to go to copenhagen - i'm beginning to wonder if it has something against the place. hmm...

yesterday, i visited the most fabulous leather store and stocked up on supplies for making iPad and laptop covers, so i'll comfort myself by using my day wisely.

i read this post and began to dream about there being something like the brooklyn brainery in my area. if there's going to be, i'll have to start it. i could also get into the idea of a society for the advancement of social studies in my neighborhood. i mean, an organization whose motto is: "all the history you knew but forgot, and all the booze you need to forget it again." has got to be good.

happy weekend, one and all...and if you want to read something interesting about the neanderthal genome, go here.


Lost Star said...

That leather looks wonderful and soft. Touchable. Is it hard to sew leather? I recall you had some trouble with it earlier on?

Have a happy weekend!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I love the orange!

Hoping you are having a great week end.

Tracy :)

will said...

This weekend - checking out sofas made by Herman Miller company. Plus looking at floor tile for bathroom remodel.

Then there's the millions of leaves not raked ... With the threat of snow lingering raking may be postponed so that might provide time to read the new Steve Jobs bio.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

The leathers in your photo are such beautiful colors and they look so soft. Enjoy your weekend, although it's not what you had hoped.

Lisa-Marie said...

I very much like that as your plans changed, you came up with new things to do. THAT is creativity.

Beautiful colours in that leather!