Tuesday, November 01, 2011

november wakes up on the wrong side of the bed

i hate to start off november with a rant, but there you have it. husband is on one of his snoring kicks and i woke up about 72 times in the night, so i'm grumpy. there's a fine mist hitting me in the face whenever i step outside to do chicken and rabbit chores. the horse is still lame. and she's getting crabby too. our washing machine is down and tho' i've called a repairman, they're extremely imprecise about when he'll show up. a rant is simply in the dark, chilly, damp autumn air.

*  *  *

i tried to cheer myself up with a little browse of my google reader via flipboard. and can i just say that those blogs where there's only a truncated feed and you can't see the whole post without clicking an extra step....i'm just not going to read those anymore. the reality of today is that people are reading on a device - an iPad, an iPhone - and it's a big pain in the ass to have to click an extra step. i know all the reasons why one would truncate the post...to make sure the visits are counted...but really, it's just arrogant and annoying. and i'm done clicking the extra step.

*  *  *

i'm reading another bad book. elaine feinstein's biography of anna akhmatova, anna of all the russias. and it's just bad. she extrapolates all kinds of biographical details from anna's poetry, as if they're true and not art. clearly the woman couldn't be bothered to do real research - she doesn't properly explain who anyone is or their connections. she appears to have only the vaguest knowledge of the russian revolution.  it's just a bad book. luckily, it's not a novel, so i can put it down without finishing it. i'll be taking it back to the library today.

*  *  *

i no longer have any patience or time for things and people who drive me crazy. meddling. being too involved. not just letting me get on with what's ostensibly my responsibility, that stuff pisses me off. and makes me want to take a step (or two) back. this is why i'm not in the corporate world anymore.

*  *  *

another thing that's driving me crazy is how people wear stress as a badge. as if it's a good thing to be so busy that you feel totally stressed out. here's a news flash: it's not. and i'm not impressed by your bragging about how stressed you are. it doesn't mean you're important, and it may actually mean that you're stupid.

*  *  *

ok, i'm going to stop grumping now.

i'm actually very happy because handmade holiday starts today
and i'm really excited to share a lot of fun projects
with a lot of fun people.

it's not too late to join us!


Elizabeth said...

Luckily one thing went well this morning since you took some gorgeous pictures of the abundance of fallcolours.

Hope the rest of the day will be better.

Spilling Ink said...

The stress badge thing drives me insane. Yes, people who think being stressed make them important are stupid. They also cause others a lot of grief. One wonders how long we're going to put up with corporate BS.

Jody Pearl said...

Oh dear - can totally relate to the snoring - we don't do the same bed (for sleeping) because of it - need my beauty/anti-grump sleep too much!

Tomorrow's another day :)

Unknown said...

Hope your day is getting better... thank you for sharing such lovely pictures

c is for cape town said...

And yes, the stress badge - whatever with that shit!

keishua said...

love the rant and I completely agree about the blogs that make you click over. It's super annoying. I always unsubscribe from those because it I wanted to go over there, I wouldn't have a reader, right?

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Sorry for the ranty day, but good gravy those are some gorgeous photos.

--maria said...

Are those beautiful pictures on your property? Get a cup of coffee you'll feel better. But, I am in the same funk unfortunately. <3

Corrine said...

lovely peaceful photo's certainly contrast with your prickly humor. I love it. Rants are cathartic. Very good.