Tuesday, July 24, 2012

checking in

whoa! where did a whole week go?  i've been flying and visiting (and talking politics) and visiting (and drinking gin) some more and laughing and baking in 107°F/41°C temperatures.

we got to spend a little bit of time at the farm on st. mathias, near brainerd, minnesota. they were holding a celtic festival last saturday. the fabulous lisa of lil fish studios was demonstrating needle felting at the event, which also featured sheep-shearing, spinning, irish music, a guy who was forging swords (the vikings could totally have taken those celts) and wonderful organic, locally-produced food. it was so inspiring. i definitely want to stage a viking version at our place one day.

we also fell in love with a kitten and may have brought her home and are getting the health papers and ticket arranged so we can take her home to denmark. we can't seem to find the right name for her. every name we suggest, she shakes her head and vetoes it. if any names come to mind, please do let me know in the comments.  she's absolutely adorable.

lisa demonstrated how to make her little sheep and you can buy a kit and make your own if you'd like one. i got to help her pack the kits, so i can vouch for how awesome they are! they come with everything you need - wool, beads for eyes and felting needles and all!

and now we're off to go find a cool spot at the river. hope you're all having a fabulous summer.


Magpie said...

Her name is Blue.

kristina said...

of course you need more kittens ;-)
she might be maura - because of the celtic connection.
have fun!

Sandra said...

I raise you a celt to your vikings! You have never met my family.

I looked at the kitten and saw Violet. I can't help it, I have many horses named for flowers.

I am still drinking gin. That is some very good gin. Now I'm spoiled, not only by gin, but by proper chocolate. And those coconut candies, OMG.

I told my mother I may seek asylum in Denmark. She was not amused. But, come on, I think it is a very good idea.

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I'm so glad to step into your life again -- it's been a while that I've been absent from the blogosphere. But now I'm retired, so . . . no more excuses.

You're in Minnesota! My ancestral home. I can't believe it's 107 there -- how can that be? I'm glad you're having a good time -- I always do, when I'm there.

julochka said...

we tried it and got the head shake. :-( but thanks for trying.

julochka said...

we tried both Maura and Moira and she ran away. :-( sorry!

julochka said...

come for a visit, Denmark might drive you crazy. :-)

glad you like the gin!

julochka said...

welcome back!

we were only starting out in Minnesota. we're next door in south Dakota now . :-)