Monday, August 27, 2012

of course we have a camel for a neighbor

it seems i have only a limited amount of words at my disposal. and when they are going elsewhere, i have none to leave here. i've been editing a book. i think i'm actually pretty good at it (could it be i found my calling at this advanced age?), but it's pretty time consuming. and has filled my brain for days, leaving room for little else.

* * *

i've also just reread murakami's wind-up bird chronicle. he always makes me feel a step apart from the ostensibly real world (if i even know what that is). his words are so beautiful it feels pointless to try to put any down on the page (let alone send them out into cyberspace). plus, he makes me think it would be a good idea to spend time down a well. too bad ours is full of water.

* * *

polylingual poet cia rinne doesn't lack words. i wish i'd been at louisiana to hear her yesterday.

* * *

not a whole lot of words here in sign: moa + holmberg
i'm fascinated by the spare, clean, modern, scandinavian aesthetic, even as i could never indulge in it myself.


Shauna said...

I love the spare look too. So much.

I have been trying to come closer to that look at our home in Canada (after 8 months of living in a Cairo apartment with only 4 suitcases worth of things that belonged to us). It is causing much unhappiness. Last night my daughter told me she thinks I must hate her because I am bothering everyone to clean up so much and get rid of so many things and getting so grumpy when they resist.

I think I'm stopping striving for the spare bare minimalist look now.

Lynne said...

oh! You have no idea how much I love camels, and how jealous I am of you having one for a neighbour.
I wonder how you ride a two humped one, though? Their backs are wider than horses, and on the single humped ones you sit with your legs forward, Can't do that if you are in the valley between humps.