Monday, August 20, 2012

scenes from a weekend

husband built a very tall lifting device. 

we hosted awesome couchsurfers from france.

they harvested wheat from the field next door.

it appears to be a bumper crop.

we harvested 45 kilos of honey. from just one hive.
they don't call them busy bees for nothing.

there were beautiful skies.

one little kitten went WAY too far up a tree and nearly gave me a heart attack.

frankie didn't help.

husband convinced the child to try out his lifting device.

she was less than thrilled.

we had gazpacho for dinner. and homemade bread toasted in the oven with mushrooms on top.

sabin put avocado on hers and used the gazpacho as a garnish.

molly played in the sunshine 'til she was exhausted.

*  *  *

i laughed when i read this

and thought deep thoughts after reading this.

and was sad to finish this all too quickly.


Anonymous said...

Is that a large hole in the floor I spy behind Husband (processing honey)?
Also, can I get the recipe for that delicious sauce stuff you made? The tomato-y-chilli-garlic-y one? said...

That looks like a perfect weekend!

Lynne said...

went straight to Amazon and downloaded the Gibson... food for the soul! thanks

Molly said...

I'd never noticed before that Murrmurrs' URL is .dk? Is that weird?

Sabin is just looking SO gorgeous this summer.

And related, seems Far is greying at the same rate as Charl - I love it, I tease him that he's becoming the 'older man' I always perved about ;-)

Unknown said...

Divine. Simply divine.

julochka said...

tara - it is (dug for pipes for the new kitchen). that sauce is called mojo and it's just 3 red peppers (or 2 red and a yellow), 2-3 cloves of garlic, a bit of paprika, salt and olive oil - all blitzed up in a food processor (or blender). sometimes i throw in a few herbs to give it a bit of green (parsley, chives, thyme are good). you can put a chili in to make it spicy if you want.

paula - it really was!

lynne - i am crazy for gibson at the moment, tho' his more recent stuff - i couldn't get into neuromancer. oddly enough.

molly - that's a new blogger thing and has to do with my url - i'm sure she's actually in reality.

eggdipdip - it was indeed. we have to enjoy the sunshine while we can around here! :-)

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

1) I love the pictures, especially the one of the tractor in the field -- what gorgeous colors. 2) Boy, your husband is a handsome guy. 3) What is the lifting device for?

The Queens Table said...

Everything was gorgeous, including your family!

julochka said...

elise - he's going to use it to help him lift the roof construction onto a new building he's working on to house his sawmill. it's how he rolls. :-)

PQ - thank you! i have to say i agree with you - all the way down to the cat. :-)

julochka said...

p.s. molly - i do love husband's grey. it's not fair that men get cuter and cuter as they age...*sigh*

Unknown said...

Love your weekend pictures. It sounds so normal.

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