Monday, June 10, 2013

catching up...

since we last "spoke," i have...

...gotten up obscenely early to drive across the country. there i had a very entertaining meeting about a potentially very interesting project that i hope to do. on the way, as i was posting my customary instagram photo of storebæltsbro (the 18 km bridge between the danish islands of fyn and sjælland), i noticed that trinsch, long a bloggy friend, was posting a photo of a morning run past the little mermaid. in one of those moments where you're grateful for social media, i suggested that we meet for coffee. and so we did!

i arrived a little early and grabbed a table at the very busy café norden and people-watched while waiting for trinsch. i had a sudden moment of nervousness. we hadn't met before and what if i was a disappointment to her? i ordered a double latte and dismissed the thoughts. she arrived, super cool moustache-print bag over her shoulder, climbed in the window from the street and we started chatting immediately like old friends who were simply picking up the conversation where we left off. it was great! nothing disappointing in it at all, except that we didn't have more time. but i had to get in the car and drive the three hours back home and she was rushing off to see family before flying back to home to israel. in all, a lovely day.

mackerel, asparagus. #itdoesntgetbetterthanthis

friday brought work and in the evening, an impromptu barbeque with a neighbor. there was much laughter and a bit too much white wine, but isn't that how a friday should be?

saturday found me driving once again across the country, this time to meet with bloggy friend sue, aka rxbambi (as you can see, she hasn't blogged in awhile). she and her husband were in town because they had just finished a cruise of western norway and the fjords. they wanted to go to sweden, so we hopped across another bridge and headed to malmö for lunch and a starbucks(!). that and a couple of new blank notebooks from bookbinder's design made me very happy.

a lovely dinner at nyhavn in copenhagen and a stroll through the city in the most beautiful nordic evening light, made it a lovely day to meet up! denmark was really showing off at its very best. i'd gotten all of the nervousness out of my system with trinsch, so i wasn't nervous meeting sue. we laughed and drank wine and got to know a bit more about the one another off-blog. it made me grateful once again for the friendships that blogging has brought to me. sue and bob started talking to the table next to us at the restaurant and i was also reminded of how giving those conversations with random strangers can be. i do miss that sometimes and it was nice to be reminded of that energy that acknowledging the existence of people you don't already know can give to you. the danes could really learn a lesson from that.

sunday, sabin and i arrived home mid-afternoon and indulged in some kitten time. molly is much better and her milk production is up so that the kittens don't need to be bottle fed anymore, tho' they still have a pavlovian response when they hear my voice (or the theme music of breaking bad, i must admit), and start meowing and unsteadily crawling over to me. sabin intercepted them. molly's mastitis-induced wound (it was a giant hole in her belly, if i'm graphic), is looking unbelievably better. it has shrunk significantly in the 36 hours i was away. that kruuse manuka G honey-based wound dressing is seriously miraculous stuff. the vet is going to be amazed when she sees how much smaller it is. but bottle feeding has meant that these are some seriously nice kittens.

and now i think you're all pretty much caught up. a blog can never encompass a life and all of its nuances, but perhaps there can be a moment or two of perfect clarity along the way. let the new week begin!

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Molly said...

Oooo, I'm envious you met Trinsch! And I'm so kitten-broody it's ridiculous! Enjoy them, they grow up so fast sniff sniff ...