Friday, June 21, 2013

nifty fifty meets the kittens and falls in love

a couple of weeks ago, i spotted a used nikkor 50mm 1.4D lens in the window of photographica, denmark's most wonderful photography shop. they weren't open, but i contacted them and was able to buy it via mail. i'd long wanted a portrait lens and since it was used, the 1.4 was about the same price as a new 1.8, so i went for it.

sabin has fallen in love with it and it has awakened her interest in photography - she even gets out the tripod regularly! i'm still getting to know it and learning that i can't get as close with it as with my 60mm macro lens, but i love how fast it is and how well it does in low light.

it was way too dark when i took these photos of the kittens last evening, but somehow making them black and white seems to give them a soft, filmlike quality that i really like and that i don't really get with my other lenses.

the kittens are wonderful portrait subjects when they hold still, don't you think? funny how having a new lens has renewed my interest in photography a bit as well. i'll admit my daily photo efforts had stagnated and become a bit routine of late. this helps.


Kristen In London said...

We are completely counting on the inspiration of your kittens to get us through this move, our travels to the US, Avery's camp in Washington, and the summer. Fostering is in our future.

kristina said...

lovely photos! it's interesting how a new lense (or just changing between the lenses you have) can be an inspiration.