Thursday, June 20, 2013

teal blue hair


yes, i got a bit of blue put in my hair.
if i can't have a blue room, i might as well have blue hair.
i wonder if this is what a midlife crisis looks like?

* * *

as always, terry eagleton makes me think. and laugh. and want to head for the pub.


Anonymous said...

I like your blue streak. I've often pondered getting a purple streak in my hair... just for the heck of it... just to make my niece, who adores purple, laugh. But then I remember how much money I pay to keep my hair blonde and refuse to jeopardize it. I'm a wimp-- what can I say?

will said...

Generally a midlife crisis involves Raoul the pool guy or Dietrich the guy who tunes-up your Mercedes SLS AMG GT… and Dietrich does indeed have blue eyes.

Magpie said...

periodically, i do a cobalt blue streak in my hair.

Lisa-Marie said...

I was wondering if some of this was going to happen, what with all your Pins!

It's what someone cool looks like :)