Friday, September 27, 2013

size matters

the world's largest container ship, the majestic maersk, is alongside langlinie in copenhagen these days. i don't think these pictures convey how truly enormous this ship is. 400 meters long and 59 meters wide and it can carry 18000 containers. it's good she's not closer to the little mermaid, because it would underline once and for all that the key word with her is indeed little. this is a whole new class of viking ship, don't you think?


Joanna Jenkins said...

That is one big ship! And the colors-- breathtaking.
xo jj

Spilling Ink said...

Best of all, she's purdy colored!

will said...

Gee, just imagine ... all those consumer goods and toss-away things made in China flowing into Europe... which probably needs a Walmart in every town and neighborhood and this ship can deliver the stuff.

Maybe the old Vikings should attack, loot and sink this monster.

from Wiki

Maersk plans to use the ships on routes between Europe and Asia.[30] In 2008, there was a reduction in demand for container transport, caused by recessions in many countries.

This left shipping lines in financial difficulties in 2009, with surplus capacity. Some ships were laid up or scrapped. However, there was a sudden resurgence of demand for container transport in 2010; Maersk posted its largest ever profit,and orders for new ships increased, leading to fresh concerns about future overcapacity.

As of 2013, the market is still characterized by overcapacity, and decreasing prices for new ships. China Shipping Container Lines has ordered 5 ships with a capacity of 18,400 TEU from Hyundai Heavy Industries, topping the Triple E class. Delivery is to begin in late 2014. United Arab Shipping Company has ordered (also from Hyundai) 5 slightly larger ships and 5 ships larger than the Maersk E Class.

Slow steaming is one way of managing capacity and reducing fuel consumption; the Triple E Class is designed for slower speeds than Maersk's preceding class of large container ships.

Nonetheless, this order for many big ships is a gamble, on Maersk's part, that Chinese exports will continue to grow. Lack of market growth in the second half of 2012 has caused Maersk to postpone a decision on how to use the Triple-E, and although five Triple-E are expected to be delivered in 2013, they will only have an impact sometime in 2014 when 8-9 Triple-E operate. Maersk already uses approximately 100 ships on the Asia-Europe route, which is their most important.

Veronica Roth said...

Sorry, got a serious fit of the giggles at the title and can't take anything seriously now for a good few minutes... :) (except the serious giggles)