Tuesday, September 24, 2013

lest you think i'm no longer capable of shallow consumerism

I probably won't be able to resist these

there's a kind of pop-up store in town. it's run by a couple of local bored housewives of wealthy husbands. they buy up a bunch of remainders and various things that apparently "fell off" a container somewhere and then open up for a week or so and sell it all out. i've actually not visited it previously, but i stopped by on a whim the other day. and amidst various nescafe coffee machines and lamps and some suspicious-looking computer equipment, they had these shoes by paris hilton. i would have bought them if i'd been able to squeeze my big fat cinderella's ugly stepsister foot into them, but alas they didn't have my size.

got these instead

instead i got these. they're not paris hilton. i see that as a good thing. and better yet, they fit and make me seem very tall.

and these.

and i also got these. and for both? a mere 200 kroner (that's $36 for the currency-challenged). they look black in this shot, but they're dark blue. and surprisingly comfortable too.

23/9.2013 - who knew #havianas made wellies?

i also got these, but i ordered them online, i didn't get them in the pop-up shop. i didn't know havianas made wellies, i thought they only did flipflops. aren't these the best color? they called it aubergine, but i think it's a bit more of a plum.

* * *

postmodernism is alive and kicking lady gaga.


will said...

Well, thank goodness there's China, the Land of the near-perfect copies.

heidikins said...

Ooooh! I *love* those boots! I ordered some last year in a similar color but had to return them for a number of factors. Those, however, are divine!


Laura Doyle said...

The shoes!!! Gorgeous. All of them.

Have you watched the IT Crowd on netflix? If not, I recommend. It seems like something you might find hilarious. I'm reminded of an episode about some red shoes. (If you decide to give the show a shot, watch The Haunting Of Bill Crouse first. Most hilarious one.)