Thursday, September 05, 2013

what do foxes say?

since we acquired our own little fox, it seems foxes cross my path all the time. i am quite enamored with this foxy little song by norwegian brothers ylvis. tho' i do know that foxes can growl and yap a bit like a dog. will this be the new gagnam style? i certainly hope so.


Bill Lisleman said...

wow really no comments for this one?
This video has gone viral. Now I have a little story about it. I saw it on another blog and thought my almost 2 yr granddaughter would enjoy it. I sent it to my daughter and told her to show it to her. So she shows it to her and tells her that it's from Papa. I guess she thought that meant Papa would be in it. She kept saying "papa?" as the various characters came on the screen. Finally she see the old guy reading the book to the kids and says, "there he is!".

julochka said...

bill, thanks for stopping by. that is hilarious. i'll definitely look for you the next time i watch it. i think it's just really cute! Hopefully Ylvis will make it big after this!