Friday, August 01, 2014

hello august

this face got so cute while we were away. i have a hard time not just squeezing her to bits, she's so sweet and adorable. on another note, i can't believe august is here already, time is flying by. school starts again in less than two weeks and it feels like we've barely had time to play. well, that's not true, i get to play pretty much every day at work if i want to. i'm more thinking of evening games of kongespil and painting in the garden on a warm, sunny afternoon, like we did last summer. we'll have to be sure we do some of that before it's all over. our long, golden nights are still with us, but it won't long before a hint of autumn enters the air. as far as i'm concerned, it can wait a little longer.

* * *

this zoo with big ambitions is in my (broad) neighborhood (thank odin for that).

* * *

check out how awesome our turtle competition is going.
and it's not too late to enter (last day is august 10) if you fancy building a tiny turtle
(on an 8x8 plate).

* * *

so many interesting things to read:

ira glass' lifehacker interview.

a piece from the nytimes that i can only hope is taking the piss.

an interesting approach to the induction of new employees.

what they've found in a shipwreck.

before digital photography was mainstream.

a photographer who staged her spam emails to awesome effect.

* * *

and if you need more, the new yorker has opened their archives all summer long.
here are some suggestions as to what to read.

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