Sunday, August 24, 2014

the view from sunday night or what a week it's been

it's been a full week. there have been tiara-wearing kittens (that got a whopping 252 likes on flickr, which is the most any of my flickr photos have ever gotten).

there were days of rain, and blustery winds, but also glorious, golden light spilled through in between showers, making it ok that it went from summer to fall overnight.

there were more photo sessions with kittens, where i came to understand why they say you shouldn't try to herd cats. they are at their most lovely and irresistible right now. i'm enjoying every yummy minute of them.

there was a bit of early access to the series 12 minifigures, which won't be in stores until october (hence the blurry photo). i've got 13 of the 16 and can't wait for them to be released so i can get the other 3.

there was teenage mutant ninja turtle homework to do. i do love the kind of homework i'm asked to do at my workplace, even tho' tmnt aren't my favorites. this little spaceship was mostly an upside down build, which was new for me. it's also quite a lot sturdier than it appears, which is cool.

we harvested the last batch of honey - boosting our total harvest for the year up to 90 kilos, a much better harvest than last year. now we just need a big box of new honey jars so we can fill them up and maybe even sell some.

and when we weren't eating shark burgers, the weekend was spent discussing the school options. we visited two schools on friday and both have their own advantages. so much so that we've not had a gut feeling that one is a better choice than the other. that's been a bit difficult for me, as i normally rely on my gut to tell me things and in this case, it's told me that we should definitely find a new school, but it isn't obvious which one is the best choice. the child, on the other hand, is sure which one she wants, so pending a couple of questions tomorrow morning, we are going to go with that one - she is, after all, the one who has to make the switch. it's up to us to make the logistics of it work and to ensure that she keeps her social circle intact, as well as building a new one. that one, we're not really worried about so much. probably, we'll ultimately choose the public school, because we pay an awful lot of taxes and education is something they should just get right. and the new school gives a good impression of getting it right (of course, we're currently easy to impress in light of how bad things are at her current school).

and the weekend ended with a long walk with husband in the forest. the rainy weather has been good for mushrooms, both the edible and the photogenic kinds (these are the latter). a long walk has a way of clearing out any last vestiges of restlessness and discontent. and now i'm ready for the week ahead.

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molly has been on a roll (of awesome posts) lately.

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me, probably not making all that much sense, 
in danish, on the radio last wednesday evening.
talking about what danishness is.
(hint: full calendars, booking people two months ahead,
being able to talk to the boss no matter your level in the org. 
and being afraid of conflict)

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i'm liking stuckinplastic
what's not to like? minifigs. life philosophies. lemonade. gratefulness.

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a heartwarming story of love that finally happened after 60 years.

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has amazon gone to the dark side?


Molly said...

I could eat that burger RIGHT NOW, even though it's 10am.
Thanks for the shout out, I better go and post something, and good luck with the school decision!

will said...

Blurred maybe but I think I see Marge and Homer.

Anonymous said...

I love kittens as much as the next person, cats probably more than many. So it always baffles me when intelligent people like you with capacity to think "breed" kittens. The animal shelters are full to bursting of unwanted, dumped and neglected cats and kittens, so why why produce more of them? I don't get it. I'm sure this is not what you want to hear. But there are so many thoughtless people out there, you don't come across as one of them, so why are you doing it? I'd really like to know why.

julochka said...

Helen, thank you for your concern. the reason that we have kittens is that we live on a 17 acre farm. we have chickens and bunnies and horses and bees and until recently, two pigs. we want our daughter to learn about life in all its glory. chickens attract rats. cats help control the rat population on our farm. plus, we love and thoroughly enjoy cats and kittens. we find good, loving homes for them without fail. and in the meantime, we thoroughly enjoy them...taking photos, teaching them to use the litter box, spending family time with them, feeding them quality cat food, making sure they are vaccinated and free of ear mites and fleas. most of our cats are spayed or neutered, but we do have a batch of kittens every year. this year, b/c we acquired a cat whose history we didn't know, we had two batches. when her kittens are weaned, she will be spayed. most of these kittens are spoken for b/c people know they come from a loving home and will make awesome pets. admittedly, we live a place where there aren't homeless cats running the streets, so we are in a privileged situation of having the resources necessary to raise kittens. there are many homeless cats in the world, but we can say we have not contributed to that situation here where we live. it is a luxury and we do, indeed appreciate that. every single kitten photoshoot and happy moment spent with our yearly batch of kittens.