Wednesday, August 27, 2014

that kind of week

we're seeing dinosaurs in the clouds.

i forgot my id at home today and had to sneak in the door behind some others at work, as well as bumming lunch money off of a colleague. not lunch money, per se, as we "pay" with our id and then it's subtracted from our paycheck. yesterday, i sat at my desk with headphones on, trying to watch a youtube video (yes, i get to watch youtube videos at work, as part of my job), and only after far too long realized my headphones weren't plugged in and the sound was blaring out of my computer. and it sounded like i was watching beavis & butthead, tho' i was actually watching something that was actually quite relevant to my job. that was not at all embarrassing. luckily, someone had brought in a meter of chocolate (for reals...1 meter of little 4-square sized ritter sport), so i only feel vaguely out of synch and not unhappy or frustrated.

i think i'm distracted by this school switch. we made our decision on monday and the switch will happen on thursday. we feel we've made the right decision, but i think i will only rest easy once she's settled in. and that will likely take a few weeks. so i think i'll tether my work id to my computer bag and eat the odd chocolate to get through it. which is actually weird, because normally chocolate is not my go-to problem solver of choice. but when there's a whole meter of it on the shelf behind your desk, what choice do you have? that amount of chocolate could solve a whole lot of problems.

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