Monday, June 08, 2015

100 happy days :: day 100

there is something about the low, swampy wooded area at the end of our lake. the trees grow low and rather twisty, turny. even if it's raining or windy, it's always still and quiet there, a sense of waiting hanging in the air, but not a menacing one, more a kind of deep patience. and in the air, there is a vibration of primeval magic that you can feel, but which feels just out of reach, beyond your grasp, but still hanging there, almost tangible. it's in the green. it's in the quiet. it's how it's always still. one of those places where you just feel the magic. and you believe in it, even if you can't quite capture it. and my 100th happy day is a happiness that i have one of those places right here at home and i can go down there anytime and fill up my soul with magic.

* * *

and that's it, that was my 100 happy days project. it got me through a bit of a tough time and i think it really helped. it can be beneficial to take a moment to think about the little things that make you happy every day. doing it makes it a habit. one that i hope that i will continue even if i don't continue it as a post or a tweet. i think one of the things that i found is that often my moment of happiness was a moment of feeling grateful - for sunshine, for a beautiful view, for the time to take the back way, for cats, for a flower in bloom, for noticing in general.

but, in all honesty, it also felt a bit heavy at times. because not every day is filled with happiness. some days are hard and you just want them to be over. and i find myself generally feeling too earnest and righteous and not light-hearted and funny anymore. so maybe i need to find a new project that will help me find my way back to a lighter, more buoyant view of the world.


Joanna Jenkins said...

A beautiful ending to your 100 days. I take my hat off to you-- This doesn't sound like an easy challenge, especially on the difficult days. But it's been lovely. I like that you said it made you feel grateful-- takes your mind off things and helps you stay positive.

All georgeous pics!
Thanks you,
xo jj

Molly said...

You did it! Bloody well done. You are very good at sticking with a project, I'm such a quitter ;-)
I love the sound of your quiet swamp, and I think I know the exact air you describe there. One of those places where you could just about believe in fairies ...

will said...

if I had to pick a Dakotas-In-Denmark image ... this is the one. Good vibe, nice.