Thursday, June 18, 2015

thank goodness the election season is only three weeks

nothing to see here...
today is the danish election and fittingly, DR, the national media concern, has depicted the past four years in LEGO - pretty fitting since the female prime minister has had her share of botox and thus looks pretty authentic immortalized in plastic. i can't vote in the national election, since i'm not a citizen (tho' i can vote in the municipal and regional elections), but i've followed it quite closely and husband is going to spend all day as a monitor at the polling place, because finally, at the age of 50, he joined a political party. he is, however, not going to vote for that party. or so he says. there are so many parties in danish politics that it's hard for me to know who i'd vote for (probably the radikale, as they are the well-educated, sensible ones).

mostly i'm grateful that the danish election cycle is only three weeks from the government in power calling the election to voting day, so the vitriol and madness are short-lived. there are some things about denmark that are definitely better. as of september this year, denmark will allow dual citizenship and so i just might go for it and be able to vote the next time elections come 'round.

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