Tuesday, June 09, 2015

three words

bread. butter. radishes.
best. sandwich. ever.

i learned about this here.
i thought it sounded a bit wack.
but it won me over with the simple.

try it. now.

we served them at our salon evening this evening. it helps if the bread is homemade, freshly out of the oven, still slightly warm. chives should probably be from the garden and include a few blossoms, which are in their glory right now. but if you have other herbs, they're ok too. plenty of flaky salt is essential. and good, organic butter. the elements are simple, but you choose them wisely, they just work. 

and about those three words, we ended our salon (the theme was reflections, just like our spring exhibition) by asking everyone to describe themselves in three words. it isn't easy. you should probably just say the first three words that come to mind. and what was weird was the ones i was sitting there, thinking up, weren't the ones that came out my mouth when it was my turn. the words i actually said were: relaxed, creative and honest. the words in my head were: funny, laid-back, creative. at least creative was on both lists and arguably relaxed and laid-back mean the same thing, so maybe my lists weren't that different. i also added, when i said it out loud, that i was more of an introvert than i seemed. a good friend nodded at that.

what are your three words? are they different on a given day? or a given hour? or a given minute? who are you anyway when it comes down to it?

if i had to say them right now, they would be: nightowl, electric, awake. 


Molly said...

A client recently thanked me for being warm, professional and efficient and I was so pleased - those are the 3 words I'd most like to have said about the working me.
But the me me - laid-back, funny and creative - I'd go with those too!

Molly said...

And I do think it's interesting that you didn't say funny out loud - because sometimes it's hard to call ourselves funny, it's one of those attributes we're led to think others should comment on, like it's being boastful to describe ourselves as such.
But seriously, I crack myself up all the time ;-)

will said...

Radishes are better than M&Ms, cold beer or even, gasp, pizza.