Thursday, July 16, 2015

uncommon gifts for an uncommon wedding

we're attending husband's cousin's wedding in a few weeks. it's a part of the family i've never met, so i don't know the happy couple at all. all i know is from the informal invitation we received. i guess when couples are older, they dispense with the usual formalities, so, in this photocopied missive, we've been asked to dress casually and bring our own meat for grilling. and although they said that bringing a gift is not a requirement, they did include a little wish list. well, thinking that it's only right to bring a gift when attending a wedding, but balking at the desired gift card to H&M or a microwave, i went in search of more creative options for the happy couple. it was then that i came across uncommon goods. it's a pretty cool site - they work with individual artists and craftspeople and small producers to source unique gift items, which they then send directly to your door, bypassing that whole getting dressed in proper clothing and leaving the house thing.

here are some ideas for the wedding gift...

should it be this beautiful blue bowl with a felt jacket made by ontario artist melissa schooley? 

or this whimsical little rowboat salad bowl

or this fabulous pitcher that keeps your white wine cold without watering it down 
(ok, that one might be more up my alley than theirs, i'll admit).

this set of rainbow bright wine glasses would be awesome with that pitcher. 

maybe this sweet little elephant necklace would remind the bride of her african home. ok, i realize that's not a great wedding present since it's only for the bride, but that gift card for H&M request threw me off a bit.

maybe this three pillow set would be more appropriate?

i can't really decide - which would you choose?
or would you choose something else entirely?
i know it sounds weird, me throwing this out there like this,
but honestly, you guys know them as well as i do.

and while i was there, i fell a little bit in love with the shower squid. i think i might just have to have one for our shower. sometimes you don't know that you really need something until you see it.


Judith said...

How about a nice big basket filled with some of your food treats: jams, syrups etc?

Judith said...
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DahnStarr said...

I'm liking the pillows a lot but I think Judith's idea is great! What better way for them to get to know you than through the foods that your family loves.

will said...

looking at these ... it's why men silently carry the shopping bags when in malls

btw, the fabulous pitcher reminds me of awkward moments when I was in the hospital.

Molly said...

The glasses! Definitely.