Thursday, October 01, 2015

great spaces :: the library

it seems like people haven't really discovered all of the best spots in our new library yet (ok, it did only open on monday). that means that i have this long, beautiful table down at the end all to myself. right next to the outlet. with quasi-employee rights to make a pot of coffee (i'm here a lot, so i feel like one of the family), i can settle in to do a little writing and research on a couple of articles. the new library is in an old building - first it was a school, then it was the city hall and the library itself even used to be here. and now, after a major refurbishment, it's back again. and although i didn't know it in these surroundings before, i'll hazard a guess that it's better than ever. it's light, bright, fresh and there's not a boring chair in the house.


celkalee said...

What a welcoming space. Our libraries should be the heart of the community. In our local area the library closed last year. Reeling with the associated politics, the community has migrated to the main (huge Carnegie library, ancient, mysterious and divine) library or the one of the newly rehabbed ones in nearby communities. This space reminds me of one of them. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a very inspiring space.

Delena said...

Looks very warm and inviting. I will post a pic of our new library in our small town as soon as it is done. The town received a 400 hundred thousand dollar grant from the government to turn an old hotel into the library. Presently they are looking for more funding to renovate by the way of silent auctions and functions.