Sunday, October 04, 2015

teeny tiny birds

i spotted these charming little vintage hand-painted birds at a flea market the other day. the woman who sold them to me thought they were from india. each of them has its own little quirky personality. i was only going to buy a handful, but then the nice lady said i could take them all for 100kr. there are no two alike. so much fun to get a whole collection in one go. i'd love to know the story behind them. i tried googling, but didn't really find any info. i just found a few of them on etsy from someone who thinks they're german. i'm pretty sure they're not. what do you guys think?

* * *

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you want to have these people over to dinner.

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KBH20 said...

They are from India. I bought some back in 1976 from an Indian Import shop in Rochester, NY. I've put them on my Christmas tree every year since then.