Sunday, October 18, 2015

a new chapter

tomorrow, a new chapter begins and i am so ready! copenhagen, here i come! the job has already started off right and i've not even officially started. we had a little getaway to oslo as a family here during the autumn holiday and it was a pretty awesome way to kick things off! it's so gorgeous sailing up through the oslo fjord and the seas were completely calm. very cool introduction to the product! and i can't wait to dig in tomorrow!

new beginnings are so exciting, i feel a bit like a kid on the first day of school. i have a new alice in wonderland themed moleskine to use for my work notes and when i get to work, a new phone and computer will be waiting for me. i feel the old familiar autumn excitement i used to get when a new semester of college was starting up. new clothes, new notebooks, the smell of leaves in the crisp autumn air. i can't wait!


celkalee said...

Best of luck to you, sounds exciting. Turning the corner on a difficult year is energizing and I am sure you will be filled with great stories and observations.

Anonymous said...

All the VERY best! You're going to be amazing xx

Feisty Harriet said...

Yaaaay!! Congrats! This is so exciting!