Thursday, March 24, 2016

the endless possibilities in a bit of alone time

we were talking at lunch the other day about alone time. and how utterly blissful it is. i love time alone. husband is off in copenhagen being political today. sabs is hanging out with her boyfriend. and i've got the house all to myself. and it feel so luxurious and so full of possibility. i could sew something. i could read. i could drink tea. i could experiment in the kitchen. i could paint. or stitch. or take photos of minifigures. or scan some spring flowers on my scanner. or take a nap. or pin some things on pinterest. or write. or maybe a little of everything.

what would you do if you had a whole day to yourself?

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Molly said...

Alone time is my best thing in the world. I'm alone at home right now, and contemplating a list similar to yours here - while instead catching up on your blog and watching clips on Obama and feeling sad that he's on his way out (and being reminded again that he really is such a hottie).
But maybe after this I'll collage, which will require me to clean my desk, which will probably side-track me onto something else - but this is the beauty, for me, of being alone, and being able to do exactly what I want to do. For me, alone.
Thanks for the posts, it's been good to catch up with the inside of your head.