Sunday, October 02, 2016

notes to self

just leaving a few things here, so i remember them...
  • do not leave your tweezers at home for a whole week. your eyebrows (and possibly those around you who have to look at you) will suffer.
  • that organic california chardonnay you bought was a bad idea - it tastes like oily peaches compared to the lovely, crisp south african whites you normally drink (even molly noticed).
  • cat farts are the worst.
  • but cats are otherwise the best.
  • clowns are scary a.f.
  • but not as scary as donald trump.
  • they can keep århus (long story).
  • really cool content about björk.
  • i did some voicing in a real recording studio this week and admit i found it addictive. i want to do more. perhaps that podcast i've been putting off? why have i been putting that off again?
  • i wonder who is going to take care of the cats when husband ends up in the folketing and is also in copenhagen all week...
  • when the weather is glorious throughout september, i can welcome and love autumn again.
  • also, i need to hold onto the memory of the good weather when it gets grey, dark and rains throughout november.
  • gilmore girls makes a great background to a rainy sunday afternoon.
  • thank odin for netflix.

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