Friday, September 24, 2004

force of nature

for the past ten days, the weather has been wild and changeable. one minute the sun is shining, brightly illuminating the red autumn leaves, the next the wind is whipping stinging lashes of rain that are falling from a dark, black cloud that appeared swiftly out of nowhere. they say it's what's left of hurricaine francis when she reached this side of the atlantic, but i think it's me. the weather has completely accurately reflected my own feelings and moods over the past ten days. i am sunny and optimistic one moment, the next spiraling down into the depths of black despair. someone even asked me one day last week, "what is this weather you've brought?" so i'm not alone in thinking that i'm the one causing it.

who is to say that it isn't true? haven't we all felt human emotions powerful enough to cause atmospheric rifts?

this morning, it is calm and clear--no wind as of yet. there are a few clouds around the fringes of the sky. and that's exactly how i feel...

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Elizabeth said...

The weather definitely influences all of us. It makes a big difference weather the sky is blue or black. Wether the sun is shining or the rain is coming down relentlessly. Wether snow is piled up everywhere so you have to think about your every step outside or that you can forget about putting shoes on.

No one escapes.