Friday, September 24, 2004

to rat or not to rat

i'm pondering setting up another blog to devote to my exposé of the middle layer of fat that is strangling microsoft. everything i have to say about it is true, as i myself have been the victim of some particularly nasty bits of that fat. however, would it really do me any good to dredge it all up again. if the guilty were exposed for the rats that they are (and curiously, the name of the biggest fat rat in my case rhymes with fat and rat...). yes. it might be rather cathartic to let the world know what happened. in hopes of keeping it from happening again to someone less strong than i.

i heard today that the rats who were complicit in the whole sordid affair are rather afraid that i will go to the press. i have thought of that, but haven't done so. yet. knowing that they fear it just might make me do it. oh, to rat or not to rat...that is the question....

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