Tuesday, September 21, 2004

a minor yoga addiction

i've been doing yoga videos to try to calm my nerves for about a week now. i'm utterly uncertain that it's calming my nerves, but i am getting a good workout, so it can't be all bad. the other method i've tried--to calm my nerves, not get in shape--is drinking copious amounts of red wine and the occasional martini. that's rather effective at the time, but rather not so much afterwards when my head is aching and clouded over worse than ever. this waiting to hear whether a potential employer wants me, well..sucks. it would be ok if my time weren't, so to speak, running out. i will be paid one more time at the end of this month by my former employer. so, it would be IDEAL if i were starting something new Oct. 1, so that there aren't any missed paychecks, so to speak. why can't they answer, already? i nailed the interviews--all of them--i shined, i was dazzling. they must want me, so why is taking so long? guess i'd better go do that yoga video again....

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