Friday, April 24, 2009

friday lists

very busy day's my list (because we know i love lists):

  1. lots of work to do (yes, i do work, believe it or not, i just don't sleep enough)--it's this work that's currently giving me nightmares about global warming and the environment in general. 
  2. hair appointment (desperately needed, nearly unable to appear in public). 
  3. thing at child's school where parents must buy middle ages inspired things made by twenty-first century danish children over the past week (i saw piles of cool leather in a classroom this week, so i'm looking forward to that). 
  4. having visitors from north carolina for dinner (they are not the dinner, we intend to serve dinner to them). 
  5. figuring out how to connect macbook pro to big-ass flatscreen t.v. for gala confirmation party on saturday. 
  6. transporting said t.v. + Wii, wiimotes and basket o'Wii games to party location without breaking or losing any of it or having to strap self to roof of elderly toyota to serve as cushion for big-ass t.v.
  7. creating playlist for party and putting it on one of our many iPods.
  8. clean out horribly dirty ancient yet reliable toyota so husband can transport the north carolinians without being completely humiliated.
  9. thank heavens for GEC* and the EU because they have brought me my beautiful, wonderful, fabulous sent-from-heaven cleaning girl from poland.
  10. figure out what the hell this is:
edited: second picture added for full effect:
seriously, these are the only two extra large phallic protrubences (is that a word, it's the second time i've used it this week) on this tree. i know i said that the entire plant world is behaving in an overtly sexual manner, but this is simply carrying it a bit far.
* * *
and because it's a friday a mini grateful friday list, i always forget to do these, but i love that del remembers and she's the one who originally gave me the idea. it's good for the soul to stop and think about what you're grateful for right now at this very moment (in totally random order, if it was order of importance, 3 would be 1, followed by 5 and then 6 or perhaps 4 (if husband brings home asparagus, we get them both at once)).
  1. someone from the middle of siberia visited my blog (or so site meter told me). for some reason, that just tickles me. maybe because i studied in kazan and although that's not siberia, i felt the pull of siberia from there, so it's always held some fascination. i'd like to go there and dig up a frozen wooly mammoth.
  2. this whole zany week of the bestowing of BoN by the blogger illuminati (thanks suecae sounds for that apt word) and the influx of new friends--thank you all so much for stopping by! double thank you for following. and quadruple thank you for the comments. looking forward to getting to know you better.
  3. all of my "old" blog friends, who've been here with me through all the rants and the laughter and that whole thing with sarah palin.  you guys totally rock.
  4. that husband's coming home today after being away at a course all week. 
  5. there's a lovely south african chenin blanc in the fridge (6 bottles of it, to be exact).
  6. asparagus is in season.
  7. the sun has shined all week.
  8. the birch pollen counts are already on their way down (my eyes are grateful for this).
  9. jon stewart and episodes of the daily show that are only a day old.
  10. that i don't have to do anything special on sunday.
 i wish you all a most glorious weekend and i hope you have lots to be grateful for this friday. and if anyone knows why that tree produced two mutant pine-cone-agtig thingies when all the rest of its pinecones are totally normal and petite, please do let me know about that....botanists...anyone...bueller?
* GEC = global economic crisis (i get tired of typing it out)


Crazeebee747 said...

very very cool to see that you have a gratitude list. Love that! Have an awesome weekend!

Extranjera said...

Okay. Honestly, I think your tree is sick, very sick, and in a very suggestive manner too. Being the nature girl that I am (why would that make you chuckle) I think you really need to be concerned for the 'unblemished' state of the neighborhood squirrels, or you can get National Geographic to come and document the wonder that is 'Dildo tree'. Also an option, possibly lucrative.

Thank you again for really paying it forward. You are awesome and I only hope I can live up to the expectations that are now, frankly, pretty high. I never ever in my life thought I would be stressed out about being funny. Thanks for giving me the opportunity - hey, it's better than being worried about having a brain tumor which is up there on my list of 'things I should really get checked out weekly to avoid slipping into horrible paranoia', but I'm too afraid of Zambian healthcare, and also deep down know it is just the hangover I pretend not to have...

Have a great day and good luck with the confirmation preparations!

Tibibord said...

I think you were looking for "protuberance," but "protrude" got in the way.

julochka said...

about the tree: thankfully the tree is not in my own yard, but a yard down the street, as i would definitely not want such to be known on the street as those people with the freak phallic tree.

i don't know what protuberance is (something to do with being in favor of potatoes perhaps?), but i will admit that protrude DEFINITELY got in the way, since those things are protruding all over the place!

oh well, they look lovely in all this sunshine we've had lately, so it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Congratulations! Your blog is very nice. Wish you all the best.

Delwyn said...

Hi Julie
looks like you have a normal weekend ahead!
Do you cross off the items once accomplished?
I love that part...

Happy days

Bee said...

J - I've missed you!
Congrats on being a blog of note . . . something that I've known for a while now.

Isn't it wonderful that the sun is shining? Our garden was transformed while we were away.

angels1416 said...

I love your blog... It really inspires me to create my own and reminds me to be grateful of everything that happens to me, be it good or bad.. thanks for sharing..

kristina said...

maybe I'm the only one this immature, but I'm afraid a giant bird has pooped in the tree. twice. sorry about that...
or maybe Freud's ghost is playing a joke on us and spreading the penis envy.
either way: the tree probably needs a shrink :-D ;-)
happy weekend!

Char said...

those are not pine cones of some sort?

sounds like a very busy weekend...enjoy the low country dinner, err - having the low country for dinnner, errr...enjoy cooking dinner for the low country folks. there.

julochka said...

char, they are pinecones, but they're like totally mutant ones! really, really weird.

Unknown said...

Your pine cone thingies probably are thinking sexy thoughts. How can they catch pollen if they hand upside down?


Restless Mind said...

You guys are so funny! Leave the poor tree alone. haha!

I really like the gratitude list. I should really make one myself and make that a weekly thing if not daily. That reminds me of a song about counting your blessings instead of sheep if you can't sleep. :-)

Auto guy said...

Speeking of pine cones and things like that I have been trying to grow some trees. Someone gave me a packet of spruce tree seeds. These things started to grow but then my neighbor ran them over when he crashed into my lawn and that was the end of the young trees. He was probably driving again with his headlights out or off again? Go figure.


Rishaan Yellapragada said...

awesome read