Monday, June 22, 2009

5 questions from spudballoo

photo credit: extranjera (who despite having a mac, is a canon girl)

the 5 questions thing has been circulating again and the other day, after having totally insulted spudballoo in a comment on her blog, i repented and asked her for five questions to make up. happily, it seems to have worked and so i'm hoping it also means i'm forgiven for the comment. here are spud's five questions for moi:

spud:  Were there times in the lead up to Blog Camp that you woke in the night and thought, " have I done? Inviting a load of internet randoms to my home? Where's the escape button?"

me: i actually kinda answered this earlier today in my first reflections on blog camp post. i never actually regretted it, other than in moments of self-doubt. actually, i never doubted the blog campers (and even feared 'til the last minute that they might change their minds and not get on those planes). i had loads of thoughts about whether my house would be as apartment therapy/cool as i had made it out to be on my blog (and as i myself think it is). i suddenly worried whether they would find it to be a junky, jumbled, mis-matched ikea hell. if they thought that, they were all too kind to say so, so that was good.

spud: Do you find that 'real life' really gets in the way of 'bloggy life' in an irritating manner? How do you  keep a good balance between the two?

me: i'm so lucky that i have the job i have and that i get to work at home quite at lot. because not having to fix myself to leave the house every morning means i can stay up late (which i love to do) and just that i have more time for the bloggy life. i don't watch that much t.v. and when i do, usually have my laptop at hand so i can tweet and try to catch up on the blogs in my reader (because you do all keep posting, even when i'm busy). i'd say reading is what i fall behind on most when i am busy and when the posts build up in the reader, it gives me a bit of a panicky feeling.

i don't know if i balance it well. i'm trying to be better about that...being there for sabin when she needs me and not mmhmming to her while i don't look up from the computer. i'm not always good at that, but i'm trying to be better and i've asked her to help me out--telling me when she needs my attention and dragging me away from the computer when i'm not on a work deadline. i'd say that sometimes, when i'm in search of creative inspiration on the net, i don't balance very well and i keep collecting input and then not really sitting down and giving myself time to also see what happens on the output side. but i'm trying to be better about that as well.

man, these are coming out more serious than i thought they would.

spud: Are you Barbie or Sindy?

delusional barbie wanna-be
check out ken in the window behind!
photo by extranjera

me:  barbie. definitely. although these days i'm a chubby old barbie whereas the real barbie never seems to age or gain an ounce. i also always envied barbie's hair and used to go around with a towel on my head, pretending i had luxurious long hair.

spud: If we asked Mr. Julocka, what would he say are your top 3 vices?

me: 1) that i wander off on tangents whenever i tell a story and forget what my original story was supposed to be about. 2) that i'm unfocused and that it causes me to wander away and leave things on the stove to burn and/or spill stuff because i'm not paying attention. 3) that i am a packrat who hates to throw anything away. (these are my interpretations, i didn't actually ask him--i'll do so and share those when he gets home from his course at the end of the week.)

spud: Any chance of persuading you to do a 30 secrets in 30 days project (NB it's exhausting!). If not, please indulge us and share a couple of juicy ones.

me: because they are in the same vein as the confessions that have so fallen in love with (thanks polly), i will take your challenge. i'll do it during july, when i'm being all virtuous and not drinking and eating raw and all that stuff i promised myself i'd do.  i might not do them with elaborate costumes like you've done, but they will be juicy nonetheless (at least some of them).

and that was it, my questions with spudballoo. would you like 5 questions? let me know here in the comments and i'll send some your way. it's a fun game to play.


Tara Thayer said...

You are entertaining AND informative: I've been needing the technical term for one of my worst habits, and now I've got it.
"mmhmming" the kids while I've got my head up the computer.
Thanks, Julie! As always...tara

Fidgeting Gidget said...

So I've been playing this five questions game like a fiend, but I want to keep playing and I think you're going to come up with some very interesting questions for me...bring em on.....but don't let something boil over on the stove on my account.

spudballoo said...

So funny, of course I'm not insulted (much) and you're not in the Grudge Book (yet)...

Yeah the 'mmmmmmmhhh'...Bertie says "NO Mummy, don't say 'mmmmmmmm' LISTEN TO ME". Oooops...

Aha, looking forward to the confessions. Bring it on good woman. x

Polly said...

yes, the blog-real world balance is hard to keep but as we've just proved blog world isn't that bad at all.

Your house is lovely, and we all love ikea.

the second picture of you is really nice!

Char said...

hi barbie - I wanted to be her friend Midge (remember Midge?). Sorta sporty.

kristina said...

I'm very much looking forward to July and your 30 secrets in 30 days!

rxBambi said...

I'd totally be interested in what questions you'd ask me, but since I've already played you can put me on the back burner...

I'm thinking you don't have 30 things to confess. Besides, wouldn't it have to be 31 since July has 31 days?

Need more info on this no wine raw food deal.

Grrr. I really want to be at bc2.0 or I am going to get really stinking cranky.

McGillicutty said...

Hello again and what great Syd has resorted to coming into my room and sighing loudly "Mommy's blogging again" like she's saying the cat's peed on the rug or something!!! I stayed away (almost) while on vacay but would have loved to have just done nothing but blog for three days!!!! hugs.. Ali.

christina said...

Look at you! You are a hottie! I need all the hottie friends, I can get. Uhem... just because it's fun.

Stacey Childs said...

Hope you had a great time at blog camp! I went to band camp when I was younger but think it is not the same thing... Hey and am braindead at the moment, so if you want to throw me five questions, that will give me something to talk about other than how I am a little crazy.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful skirt in your "Barbie" picture! Loved your answers... Thanks so much.

christina said...

I had to pop over here and tell you- I had a dream you were interviewing me. All Larry King like. So... I want to ride de wave. Is it too late to play? ; )