Monday, June 08, 2009

highlights and lowlights

the view from my window
*  *  *
highlights from today:
  • most hopeful fact: even without any caps or emissions trading schemes (ETS) or bunker levies in place, it would be possible, right now, through technical and operational means, for the shipping industry to reduce emissions by 15%. that's pretty exciting news for an industry that has 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  • coolest made-up word: oligopolistic (meaning oil rules)
  • most radical suggestion: individual CO2 quotas for every single person on the planet--1 for each of us--would make a fair ETS possible.
  • biggest understatment: "peter the great was an awfully good sailor."
  • best quote: "i'm the difference between now and a beer." 
  • best find: pride and prejudice and zombies

* * *
lowlights from today:
  • that tired, yawning feeling immediately post-lunch. 
  • feeling invisible as the only woman in the room who wasn't admin or hotel staff or carrying an important asian guy's notebook/man purse.
  • that whole strange conference politeness ritual that is at once bureaucratic and sycophantic with undertones of communism coated in a veneer of thinly-disguised slime arising from mixing CEOS with politicians and industry organizations and oil majors. 
  • too much crap coffee, not enough latte.
  • shop was out of light yellow converse all-stars in my size.
  • ending the day with a killer headache.
*  *  *

i wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

* So glad we have you to report the good news on shipping industry emission because I sure wouldn't understand it if I heard it anywhere else.

Oligopolistic. Sounds like Ollie Go Ballistic to me.

Who was the source of the quote?

Post lunch sleepies cure - Peppermint. Carry in handbag and take deep whiffs. It's not a latte but it helps.

Ditto for the killer headache.

Does it ever get dark in Oslo?

Mari Mansourian said...

Hang in there.... hope tomorrow is better, I linked you in my blog today, check it out :)

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I love the view from your window.

Keep us posted on the zombie book.

I hope things get better.

My quote of the day (from a co-worker to another co-worker): Who do you think you are? You don't shit flowers!

Extranjera said...

Hubby gone back home, but my long-awaited converse in black leather arrived.

And my fokken VW is SPIER. This is one of them major signs. For you, and for me. (For those of you who don't know SA wines but read the comments: Spier is THE vineyard.

Extranjera said...


julochka said...

aww, that just makes me want to go to moyo...and i've got 12 bottles of spiers inspire chardonnay for blog camp. :-) they were on sale at irma.

Seaside Girl said...

I absolutely love that lion. I have a bit of a thing about stone lions. Hope the headache gets better and there is another great quote tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

PMSL at all of this, apart from your headache and unwanted invisibility cloak. Sob.

Yuck, I hate that 'conference mouth' feeling. Too much overly strong coffee which strips the enamel from your teeth, then those viles mints you eat even though you don't want to out of sheer boredom. HORRID.

Poor you. And no Converse treats even? Baaaaad, treat yourself to a stack of new slap (make up, Brit slang?) from Duty Free!

Janet said...

oh dear . . . well i have no doubt tomorrow will be better!

Tara Thayer said...

I'd love to know the context and origin of the beer quote, please!
And is there a Danish equivalent of
ps::my balderdash word is winso. You don't think blogger's calling me names, do you?

kristina said...

hope the headaches goes away with some sleep. oh, and today's geeky highlight: iphone os 3.0 will be out next week :-)

julochka said...

TFM - will try the mint tomorrow, tho' we determined it's not proper peppermint, right? it might help.

marinik - thank you and loved the post today. have used reference to your saturday post for tomorrow's scheduled post. :-) did that make sense--i've lost a lotta brain cells this evening watching america's top model.

FG - already finding the zombie book hilarious. turns out you can get something of jane austen from BBC productions of her works.

ext - already covered this previously. tho' have decided to curtail weekday drinking due to extreme fatness.

SG - you should go to munich. they've got stone lions everywhere.

spud - when are you coming to visit me? you totally get me. i wish i had an invisibility cloak, then i could explain it and poke the misogynist dinosaurs with a sharp stick without them knowing where it came from.

janet - i hope so!

tara - didn't want to name names on the quote, but it was a presenter who had been asked one last question when we were already over time.

d smith kaich jones said...

But a quite wonderful lion to smile at you when you look out the window. Evens all the bad things out? Maybe? He has a look on his face that says oh well, it's all small potatoes, and you are the best, and you will find those shoes elsewhere.

:) Debi

Extranjera said...

Dude. There is no such thing as weekday fatness (am not tackling extreme fatness today and am just twisting your drinking words) at blog camp. Or ever.

Wine-flab is good flab. Beats the munchies flab at least.

My VW is ingin, which is the pronunciation of a SA gas station. And that makes me oddly homesick. Things are just wrong.

julochka said...

kristina--i know, i've been following the guardian tech tweets about it all evening!

debi - thank you, the lion kinda does help. and hell, it's still light out there so i can still see it.

ext--did you not notice that that WV contained the word GIN? and blog camp is on a weekend. so never fear.

Char said...

oh no about the converse - hope you can order them

McGillicutty said...

You're even at six a piece so no worries... when the lows outweigh the highs it's time for the Jessica Simpson shoes and a Gin Sorbet!!
low point for me today.. sick child...high point.. she's a funny sick child!!!
Big air kisses....

tangobaby said...

That window is majorly cool. And really the fact that the coffee sucks is good... too much coffee means you'll end up with veneers someday.

I have never thought of Peter the Great and sailing together. I guess I give the Brits all the credit for ruling the waves. Hope you feel better.

Pattern and Perspective said...

Sounds completely dull; but, hey...I have a headache too. Yee-haw. The bf made me cry, hate job, about this far ".." (dots equal time or distance- not sure) from leaving and moving far away!

rxBambi said...

Yeah, it's monday and I am still drinking wine. Crap. My pants will never fit. At least my shoe size stays the same!

Headache? 800mg ibuprofen (I prefer Advil Liqigels, but whatever). Just eat first. I'd say have some wine with it, but I know you wont. So have some cheese and crackers...

Just Jules said...

Well poo on the shoes....

I came over to tell you that my answers are up for the latest installment of Ask Jules - bring your friends and play along!

julochka said...

char - there are other shops, i just had such a headache i didn't look for one yesterday.

ali - there are 6 of each because i planned it that way, not because they were actually equal.

TB - peter the great was a totally innovative sailor and supporter/scholar of naval architecture.

P&P - it actually wasn't dull at all (except for the guy from the european commission)

Bambi - i took 400mg ibu (no advil gelcaps on me--it's been too long since i've been in the US), but it did eventually work.

jules - i will get the shoes.

Bee said...

Oh, I really like your most hopeful fact.