Saturday, June 13, 2009

blog crush: chez spud

spudballoo, this lovely blue beverage is for you!

i was reminded about my blog crush thing this week as i laughed maniacally to myself in my hotel room at the inaptly-named grand hotel in oslo. i laughed maniacally because i was reading chez spud, a rather new but nonetheless great blog written by a woman who isn't afraid to order up costumes and wear them for the purpose of her posts. 

i actually "met" her first on flickr, where i think she was blogging before she started her blog (at least as near as i can tell--i didn't actually interview her for this post, so i'm mostly making this shit up).

it may sound a little strange to say she was blogging on flickr, but i say that because of things like this:
she's got a magic wand!

she's also part of the gang who is excessively twittering of late. (note to self: find a new way to say "of late," since you are totally overusing it.)

a few other reasons to love spudballoo....she takes fantastic pictures. she's nikon. she's got a lensbaby. she looked absolutely gorgeous at her wedding. she apparently went to south africa on her honeymoon (and we know how much i love south africa). oh, and she's got a mac too. (i learned all of this from flickr.)

i hope she really does take the vomit ferry and comes to visit me soon. but in the meantime, go read her whole blog and then when it's over (because it's over too fast) you can lurk for hours on her flickr photostream.

p.s. the bottom two pictures of spudballoo are hers, which i blatantly stole from her blog and didn't even ask if i could, i'm not stalking her and snapping her picture while she sleeps and/or dresses up as a roman warrior woman in her backyard. i promise.


Extranjera said...

Good one.

McGillicutty said...

More like YEAH SPUD!!! she's hilarious and I agree there needs to be more!!!
Oh I would love a Nikon (and a Mac)!!!
love and hugs. ..Ali.

spudballoo said...

Takes massive SLURP of that delightful looking cocktail, and looks all bashful rocking from one foot to the other, blushing unattractively...

Gosh I'm so flattered, and touched and, oh hell I feel a Gwyneth moment of shame coming up.

So I will just say thank you and, shoud I ever uncrush on Michael Palin, I will immediately transfer all the Crush Love to you x

You're quite right, it was enjoying penning the tales to go with the flickr pix which led to blogging where I can unlease my inner witterer without limit.

Loving all you bloggy gals to making the New Gal feel so welcome!!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

OMG, this girl is fantastic! Well, there's another day shot as I sit in front of the computer, delving into the life of some fascinating new blog friend, thanks to your directive.

You owe me a day Julochka. Maybe even a week.

PS: Doesn't it feel good to be home?

Just Jules said...

girl blog crushes can be fun..... (in a very non creepy sort of way!)

Molly said...

Nice one, I've been loving Spud too! And I didn't even know about the honeymoon in Sa - brilliant idea, naturally. Having spent far too much time on her blog 'of late' I'll now have to go lurking all over Flickr too ... be warned MrsPotatoHead (may we call you that?): we is out there, loving your work.

Char said...

I always end up LOVING your recommendations. :) yay

Mrs.Rotty said...

oh new blog to love! I'm really excited.
today was a good day to check in.

Bee said...

You are right; this is a great blog. Amazing photographs on the 10 favorite things post.

christina said...

i know! isn't she just the coolest! can i get a sip of that drink?

jane said...

she´s hysterical- thanks for the heads up. luv your new chucks... :)