Tuesday, July 21, 2009

secret 21 - the secrets are exhausting

these secrets...i've gotta tell you. they're exhausting. i cruised along quite nicely until about 16-17 and then all of the things i had scribbled down in my little blog notebook began to seem a little picked through. the gems are taken, the ones that remain (save maybe two) are a bit tame and perhaps even, dare i say it, lame (lamer than that one about never having found the right shampoo, you ask? yes, lamer than that).

oh, i've got oodles of secrets that aren't lame, but many of them have to remain secrets. to protect the innocent. and even more importantly, the guilty. and to keep this blog from getting one of those adult content warnings you have to click to enter (we only just squeaked past that one yesterday). i wish i had something really juicy left, like having posed for playboy's "girls of pan-am" or something like that, but that wasn't me, it was my cousin and as we also learned i never really went for that dream of being a stewardess. oh, not to disappoint, there actually are a couple of rather juicy stories left (not playboy juicy, but juicy nonetheless).

since this whole exhausting month was inspired by spudballoo, who must have been even more exhausted than i am since she dressed up in costumes for all of her secrets, i'm going to tell you that like her, there is one lie among my posts. maybe it's already there. maybe it's not. but once we get to 30, there will be 29 truths and one lie. and i might, just to torture spud, who quite possibly deserves torture for this little venture, never reveal which one was the lie. (just trying to ensure that it's not me she chops up to take home from blog camp, she'll have to leave me alive if she ever wants to find out.)

and if, after this, you still want to do your own 30 secrets, my advice is, pace yourself. it's exhausting.


The Redhead Riter said...

Okay well it looks like you've had enough rest. Get up and do the next one! LOL

:o) Hope you had a Happy Monday!

Just Jules said...

yes, Spudz advice was to write them down beforehand - I tried and realized that all my secrets after about 5 require warnings or guilty bodies...... (not lifeless hidden bodies, don't be confused)

Pattern and Perspective said...

My secrets are few, but not good...so I'll keep them to myself. Maybe I should come up with some lame (or not lame) ones too...except they probably aren't secrets after all. For example, I cannot stand hair in the drain. Grosses me out and I won't touch it if it belongs to someone else. Swear I'll get coooties.

I think you are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Love the new pics...big & bright!

SE'LAH... said...

keep at it...we wanna know more ;)

Tara Thayer said...

Hi...just stopping in to say that I think you look darn pretty in this picture today, and that I loved the one of you laying all over Starbucks with Miss S, too. It's good to see you.
I'm reserving judgement about the secrets, being the demure (ahem) lady that I am.
But I have to tell you that the library one rang a bell.
Something to laugh about when I'm finally in Dk someday.
Have a great week! tt

Char said...

ha! I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it and this secret tells me that for sure. take care of you woman. love the sunshine on your face.

spudballoo said...

Lovely photo, oh I like it here SO much better since you went wide. Fabulous, the blog feels completely different! Kind of expansive....

Well, exhausting, yes...at the risk of being all 'I told you so', well, um...I TOLD YOU SO!! Absolutely exhausting. And they go pretty fast up to around 17/18 and then they drag, by which point it feels like the whole world is hooked. Gah!

Oooh, a lie. Yes, that's a good idea. Why limit yourself to one? Check out the flickr 30 secrets pool btw, it's not v interesting but it did jog my memory for a couple of long forgotten secrets.


Extranjera said...

So we will get to hear about that spitting in the wine at blog camp after all.

Polly said...

and yes, that's why I thought this idea is too much of a challenge for my blog. I wouldn't sleep at night if I tried that

what spitting in the wine?!?!?

Kim: said...

I've been jotting down potentially sharable secrets in my notebook after admiring yours. I don't have quite enough yet, and I'm afraid that when the well started to run dry, I would start blurting out the *real* secrets in a fit of desperation. And then ... jail. I imagine it's hard to blog from jail.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement!