Monday, August 10, 2009

odds and ends

so many things to catch up on (800+ posts in the reader--come on guys, i thought we agreed you'd take it easy while i was away!). i decided i needed one of those random lists for which i am mildly famous. and it is, after all, a monday and monday is the best day for a list. it helps clear the head for the rest of the week.

: : yesterday, i ordered MOO postcards so that i too can be a postcrossing girl. i've only requested one address so far (you can do 5 at a time), because i decided to wait for my own photo postcards, tho' that first person is going to get one of my precious collection of those cool postcards you can pick up for free in copenhagen cafés. but please hurry up MOO! and thank you to janet and spudballoo and B for inspiring me to do this too. i do love getting real mail. and i'm a sucker for peer pressure.

: : speaking of getting real mail, this latest addition to my little desktop bowl of rocks arrived today. there was also a really cool green and purple necklace with a sparkly swirl on it (sparkles to match my tiara, of course). the rocks were two smooth, polished stones and four lovely pieces of amber with a little hole drilled in them. one of them even most decidedly has an eyeball. thank you, rxbambi, for thinking of me while you were out and about. this is one of those beautiful things that happen when you put yourself out there and blog your madness, other people start enabling it! :-) thank you, dahling! i promise to get my act together and get your little reward for guessing that book (dang, was it really that long ago?!?) sent your way this week!

: : i keep forgetting to go to flickr, but when i remembered today, i had an email inviting me to contribute to a cool new project. it's called footearth and if you too like to photograph your feet or the feet of others, you can contribute too! i went and signed up and put up three foot pictures immediately. so much fun when other people recognize your obsessions and invite you to indulge them. i hope someone starts robot earth next. :-)

: : we got a new furnace last year in february and the results are in. we have cut our gas bill for the year IN HALF!! yes, they are giving us back more than $2000 because our new furnace, in combination with our wood-burning stove/fireplace, was so much more efficient we used HALF the natural gas! i am dumbfounded. and really happy we made that decision. if you're considering a new furnace and have any doubts, all i can say is GO FOR IT!

: : sabin and i are enjoying the junie b. jones books. thanks for getting us started on them, moneek.

: : after my post earlier today i learned that i really, truly have some brilliant, awesome friends in this here blogosphere.  and i am so grateful to you for your friendship. it makes me feel that i can breathe again.  and breathing is good.


Bee said...

800 posts to catch up with AND real mail AND pressies? You definitely have friends in blog-space. xx

Very cool (warm?) and cutting your fuel bills. We about to have a specialist come out and advise on that very thing.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

i can't tell you how much i adore the red robots. takes me right back to kindergarten when i thought if i talked and moved like a robot people would really think i was a robot. to tell you the truth i still try it every now and then!

Sarah Anne said...

800+ posts? Good luck!

christina said...

I so want real mail! Postcards huh? My mail man runs from me, I annoy him so bad each day.I meet him at the door ir when he is carrying packages I remind him of the spelling of my last name. At Christmas time we make up though, because I give him cookies and stuff and knit him scarves. : )
PS: june b. is what's up!

Elle Superstar said...

ooooooohhhhhh, i LOVE the first photo... wish i had an eye for that perspective... i can only do landscapes really well. :)

Janet said...

Yay for postcrossing! and for real mail! and for the blogosphere! and for good friends! and for rocks! and well just yay for everything! ;) i took my first feet pic a few days ago. intended to take more, but have had a rotten cold/sinus infection/bug of some sort. yuck! better get back on it.

send me your address & i think i've got something to send you.

Molly said...

Oooo, footearth looks just up my street - thanks darl, I'll be signing up pronto.
And welcome to postcrossing - it's really so much silly fun.
I for one was totally obedient and hardly posted at all while you were away :) - purely to alleviate your catch-up reading naturally!
Thanks for the lovely balderdash mention yesterday and have a wonderful time in Blighty on the weekend!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

800 posts and not one of them is afiori? :)

Found you via Snap. You have robots! I'm in Sweden but mostly on the internet. Artist, writer, self-employed creative type of person.

♥ maria-thérèse

Beth said...

OK, since you mentioned the free postcards in Copenhagen cafes, what is the deal with them? We were in Copenhagen last week (now home in North Carolina... where is your husband?) and I picked up a couple of postcards as a joke for the boys to send to their grandparents, (didn't work)... are they everywhere? I only saw them in that one place... Loved our time in Denmark, btw-