Thursday, August 06, 2009

in the waning hours of our trip

we are headed for home today (late this evening, really), but i will leave you with a few more of sabin's latest photos.  she's onto something with Little Pink, as we've dubbed the old sony cyber-shot,  i tell you....
in the background upper right, the outdoor airconditioning units are visible.
they are that weird round eyeball-like thing.
sabin's favorite lunch place...she gets a "toast" with cheese and ham
(i think where i grew up, we would call this a grilled cheese sandwich.)
the kid has got an eye.
it makes a mother proud.

if you'd like to see my new obsession: jelly iced vanilla latte, go here.
i'm gonna miss those.
but undoubtedly they wouldn't taste the same at home.


Mari Mansourian said...

great photos Sabin :)

Kim: said...

Can she give me lessons? That's amazing! She really does have an eye, and it's a zillion times better than mine!

Glad you're home safe.

Char said...

wonderful shots for sure - I must check out what kind of latte that is

Mariana Soffer said...

I think your kid is an amazing photographer, if he likes taking pictures you should do the following:
-start buying him different cameras so he can experiment, like 35 mm, mediumm format and if he is really in to it get hima plaque camera. It is also very fun to buld a developing room (I made one myself)
As you can see I prefer analog to digital ones.
The last thing that comes to my mind that he can do is try to build his own cameras as a friend of mine did, check his work:
non of his pictures has post production.
Well hope you liek it say hi to the kid

Just Jules said...

Love the cameras name. Addie names everything too. The caterpillars that are waiting to turn into monarchs are Susie Ann and Rock star (the last one names by 4 yr old brother!) I fear the darn things will have to come with us to CO.... is there milk weed in a semi-arrid area?

spudballoo said...

fantastic, that last one is outstanding

'Toasties' is what those toasted sandwiches are called here!

Safe travels...xx

histreasure said...

fantastic...has inherited her momma's 'eye' must be one proud mama

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the "toast." Something my children won't eat at home, but when it's in Amsterdam and it's called "toostii" or some other word with too many vowels, they are happy to devour.

I asked my Indonesia sister about the outdoor air conditioning. She said it's like mist blown around with a fan. Is that true?


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The Redhead Riter said...

Way to go with the photos! Let me see...and where would that talent come from....hmmmmm

Stopping by to give a little blog love.

Lisa-Marie said...

Her photos are fantastic!

Also, what you would call a grilled cheese sandwich, I would call a cheese toastie, so in Scotland she would be right!