Thursday, August 13, 2009

today is the day

i genuinely suck at this whole blog award thing. it's not that i don't appreciate them, i mean, who doesn't appreciate being recognized and adored and appreciated? it's just that there are always all of those rules attached to them and i'm not that big on rules. seriously, does anyone really want one more list of random things from me after the big 29 secrets and one lie in 30 days thing? and frankly, after that, i've not got that much left. but, what's cool about blog awards is that they are an excellent way to share the blogs YOU love with your readers. so, i'm going to try to catch up on the blog award love right here, right now.

the sweet and lovely joei of the blog my days and night, who lives in one of my favorite places in the whole world (no, not cape town this time) - the philippines - has recently given me not one but two awards. our old friend "honest scrap" and that "kreativ blogger" award that must have originally been started by a dane because that's how you spell creative in danish.

on the same day (which is actually today, believe it or not, i'm on the ball this time), i got the "one lovely blog" award from kristine * who blogs at mostly berlin and no penny for them (don't you LOVE people with multiple blogs?) and who we are all hoping comes to blog camp 2.0 at the beginning of september (hint, hint, kristine).

and while i'm at it, an embarrassingly long time ago, clear back on her old blog, my friend borneochica who now refers to herself as cheekyketek and blogs at not really, gave me one of those lemonade stand awards and wrote something really super sweet and nice and flattering and stuff which is now inaccessible because she closed down that blog (tho' i could still see it in my reader, neah, neah). but anyway, i don't think i ever passed it along.

however, today is the day. i've discovered lots of fun new blogs of late because in this transitional season, it seems like i have lots of new visitors and commenters (yes, that's a word) here on MPC. and when you leave a comment, i click into your profile and check out your blog (that's a tip for you lurkers) and i often feel really grateful because you guys have some good blogs and frankly, i probably wouldn't have found them otherwise, what with the fact that those lame boeing people stopped that fabulous internet that used to be available on long-haul flights and so there's no way to get online when i'm flying. (am i the only one beginning to think some of that blonde bleach seeped into my brain today while i was waiting for the hairdresser to finish her very important and dramatic phone conversation and come back and finish my hair?)

anyhoo, without further ado, i hereby pass all three of the above awards on to the following bloggers....i am aware there were probably rules attached to them originally about how many to pass onto and what sort of tricks they should perform on their blogs when they receive them, but we shall dispense with tricks and just give the awards. and to celebrate the awards, this ice cream:

i hereby bestow the quadruple crown on:

maria-thérèse of afiori
she makes pretty books and takes cool pictures
and lives somewhere in northern sweden where they don't pronounce 777 that cool way that i like best

recording the hilarious things her children say
they'll no doubt be mad at her someday and possibly require therapy
but for now, it's hilarious.
plus, we're friends on twitter too (@chachatwist).
and i think she's a fellow julie/julia. :-)

because she cracks me up.
and cheers me up.
and may travel even more than i do.
and because she doesn't have dengue fever.
tho' i do wish she had a normal email address and not one of those no-reply blogger thingies.

even tho' kristine * already gave her one of these,
because she's also in denmark.
her pictures are beautiful.
and i was thinking she'd make a great addition to blog camp 2.0.

georgie k. buttons of the author's desk
because i love her blog header.
and i am utterly charmed at the notion
that a 17-year-old in utah regularly reads and comments on my blog.

tiffany of the water bottle
because no 18-year-old should
have such an articulate video rant
about the potential publisher of her novel.

and last, but not least,
because she's going to blog camp 2.1 in reno
(tho' she should be coming to DK),
she's got a very big and generous heart,
and she recently asked me what these blog award thingies were all about.
and no, i did not accidentally hit publish
before i was done with this...

and please don't forget to check out joei, kristine* (both blogs) and cheekyketek, who started this whole thing in the first place (and a big thank you to you dahlings. MWAH, as spudballoo would say). i'm gonna go see if i can get some of those blonde fumes cleared out of my head now...for all of our sakes...


McGillicutty said...

Um a few things here.. firstly is that icecream just something your whipped up real quick like? if so you're too good ms Julochka too good!!!
Secondly, with ya there on Georgie K Buttons...
and finally, it's all so wonderful sharing the love and the laughter! thanks for giving us more blogs to check out...

AD said...


An award? For ME?
Holy cow. Thank you so much.

And that photo looks DELICIOUS.
Yum yum in my tum. ;]

Ravi Warrier said...

You know, I have been on a diet for the last month... not like those crash diets (I'm not that overweight :)), but a watched diet, where I kinda count the calories.

It's been even longer since I have eaten a decent sundae or ice cream, or those yummy chocolates... and now thanks to your ice cream pic, I am tempted to call up my wife and ask her to meet me at the nearest ice cream parlor. Grrr...

Double grrr... :)

Ravi (

Sarah Anne said...

Wow. I will now begin a strong Utah accent because I'm so overwhelmed.

"We came upta yer blog taday and just...we just 'preciate ya sa'much and just love ta read 'boutcha. Yer just sucha dear thing."

Baha. That's how we do it in Utah. At least when you're not in the cities. ;)

Char said...

yay for awards!! :)

kristine said...

Oh aren't you just lovely? Thanks for the sweet mention and the sweet-sweet ice cream! Very kind and thoughtful of you! I shall take it upon myself to pass it on...there are some wonderful, funny people out and about on "tinternet"!!
You are right, I dont have my email address on my blog because I am perhaps a little paranoid, but I shall send you an email so you have it!

Barb said...

Wow, congratulations on these awards ~ well deserved! Barb

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh wow wow wow 777 777 777 thank you for the nearly 777 awards!!! and the freaky green ice cream! and the more normal ice cream behind it! *mwah* ! I will write about all this but am working my little butt off - no, not to get rid of the ice cream! ;)

say it with me: 777!
and we DO say it the cool way here, it's optional! I live sort of in the middle of Sweden, along the coast, inbetween the sounds :D

♥ maria-thérèse

Ju said...

Oh gosh, I'm so surprised by my ice cream award! . I have no speech prepared for this occasion so the usual speechless celebrity act : THANK YOU ALL!!


And yes, I'm Julia also

rxBambi said...

That ice cream looks fabulous... and I don't much do ice cream these days. I'd eat that tho :)
As far as bc reno: yes, I get some, you get some, it's fair. Well not fair per se cuz wouldn't it be great if we could all be there together?
Awesome choices on the awards. Very well thought out!

wv: vearight
Don't go left! Vearight!
Ok maybe not balderdash worthy, but there none-the-less :)

N said...

I hope you enjoy the Yerba Mate, if you can get Guayusa tea, its even better, I must warn you that Guayusa tea has the highest caffeine content in the plant kingdom...

Thank you for your kind comment in my Blog, I am glad you like my articles, I must admit that the reason why I am thinking about shutting it down is more due to more or less feeling I dont have much more to write about...

I will keep visiting your Blog, I really like the visuals.


lea said...

thank you so much julochka! i'm honoured to be given an award! i would love to go to blog camp 2.0 but has to work both fridag and monday....but it really sounds like fun! i hope you will have a great blog camp 1.5 (is that the correct term?) oh and by the way i really like your writing style!

bored.mind said...

oooh i love icecream!!..and i love reading your blogs everyday before i start my day..keep those beautiful blogs coming..