Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the textures of life

we live in a world where impulses come at us all day long. many more than we can ever hope to take in. we grab onto some of them, but we undoubtedly let most of them pass us by. and we don't give any thought at all to what we're missing, i guess because blissfuly, we don't really know. at bee's recommendation, i recently read amanda craig's hearts and minds. (amanda blogs, by the way.) her book perfectly captures the sense of the world today and those missed connections. but this isn't really about missed connections. it's about found ones.

like these:

: : finding out about couchsurfing through tevolving, an adventurer in montenegro (at the moment). our first couchsurfer is showing up tomorrow night (husband will receive him). i wish i was going to be home.

: : the ever-fabulous discounderworld. stacey has some really exciting things in the works, so run along and order your gold edition today. you will not be sorry.

: : lovely lynne, who thought of me when an interesting opportunity recently came up. my fingers are still crossed.

: : kristina, who i met because i was once inspired by sandra juto and with whom i now share a fantastic photography project of which we are very proud. we've got a giveaway running thru the weekend, so do stop by and leave a comment, telling us your favorite diptych.

: : marinik, whose courage, strength and honesty have been making me cry lately.

i could go on and on, perhaps by mentioning how much i'm inspired by the photos here and here and here and here, but instead, i think i'll just say that i'm very grateful for connections and the textures they add to life.

note: this beautiful thai tapestry was on the wall at bee's house, but i was trying to avoid going on and on about blog camp in this post.


will said...
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Sara said...

I love the pictures..I really, really do

Elizabeth said...


Wholehearted felt I shout:


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Superb photos, excellent links (especially Spain Daily). And me too about Marinik.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

How beautiful, like a golden landscape to get lost in. At first I thought it was inside a theatre!

Char said...


beautiful shots too

TEvolving said...

congratulations on your first couchsurfer! last night in we cooked dinner for six couchsurfers - a french couple, an italian woman, a chilean man, a spanish man, and a serbian man - all travellers passing through budva montenegro on their journeys. incredible!

christina said...

the photos are glorious. so want to read that book, now. good things my friend. good things over here.

bored.mind said...

i love that bit about connections--indeed life is all about that, both found and missed connections. and the photos that went with the blog are just so beautiful. you take beautiful pictures julochka, you have the flair for it. :)

Tara Thayer said...

hi. remember me?
in the middle of the night among other things i was fretting that i'd been away from blog-reading so much lately, that you might think i'd disappeared or was shunning mpc.
and alas, this morning, you are not only still here, but even saying nice things about me.
i am all warm and fuzzy inside, now.
i'm about to disappear again, so i'll see you in september! gorgeous photos, as always, J.

Kim: said...

I'm so grateful for all of my new connections too. You said it so well.

Also, I sometimes get so busy clicking all of your great links that I forget to come back and tell you thanks. So thanks. :)

Ravi Warrier said...
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Ravi Warrier said...

It seems you are totally immersed in the blogosphere and you have tons of friends, most of them who blog as well.

I guess it would be good to have friends who blog. Not just for sharing ideas, but I can imagine the SEO / page ranking you guys must be getting. :)

On a serious note: You did hit the nail on the head! It's not about missed connections, but ones that are found! (And once you find them, you hang on to them.) Well, said!

BTW, the close ups of that piece of handicraft was good.


Bee said...

Thanks for linking to so many of the blogs that you mentioned to me last weekend. I love the way you connected this idea to a tapestry . . .

paris parfait said...

Thank you for the very flattering words about my photos! Much appreciated. Love the textures of the tapestry in these photos. And couch-surfing! My daughter has a lot of friends who seem to do this, although of course they know each other (in a roundabout way; friend of a friend, etc.). It seems like a very brave and intriguing thing to do. Obviously - if not a student - people doing it would be those with a spirit of adventure.

Off to check out that book and your links. xo

paris parfait said...

P.S. The tapestry reminds me of the analogy in Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. That book traveled everywhere with me when I lived in the Middle East. Now it's on a shelf next to my desk.

kristina said...

I do love our project!

discounderworld said...

Oh you are so good to be Julie! Lovely lovely lovely!

You forgot to mention about our Australian connection. "House prices around here ....phheeewwwww."

Seriously though, your blog brings so much delight. I don't know how you do it, but you do. And you do it so well :)