Monday, October 26, 2009

from a rainy weekend

a bit of the weekend's creativity to rained most of the weekend, so we had to stay indoors (when we weren't running off to riding lessons) and i didn't want to be too far from the fireplace, what with my battle against the dreaded twine foo...

the latest addition to my fiber art journal

it seems that with all of the focus on getting the house ready for sale, my fiber art journal wouldn't be complete without a reference to the house. i was watching husband paint up high on a scaffolding and i saw suddenly before my eyes a helleristning based on our street address. naturally, because of my blue room, i stitched it in shades of turquoisey blue. and i had to include a nordic sun symbol, as a nod to the importance of light year-round in these nordic climes.

i also started a little experiment based on this wonderful book, eco colour by india flint. it's all about using natural processes and plants to dye fibers. so i dashed out between showers and gathered some of the beautiful fall leaves from my yard and wrapped them in some plain, neutral, cream-colored cotton cloth and treated them with a sprinkling of vinegar before rolling them up into tight rolls.

i took leaves from cherry trees (above), blueberry bushes (they're a beautiful red color), red maple, some beech and some birch, plus a rowan leaf.

even a few of the last flowers from the greenhouse, just to see what happens.

now to have the patience to wait at least a month to see what happens. sigh.

and sabin and her big sister added to the growing group of happy plushie dolls.

once we crack a pattern challenge we're having with attaching heads to bodies on these, they are going to be for sale in my etsy shop. we're getting closer, but we're not quite there yet.


christina said...

this lights my fire! love, love crafting!

kristina said...

wow, a month - that's a long time to wait :-) I look forward to seeing the results!

spudballoo said...

Ooooh what will happen to those leaves? Intriguing!

Hope you're feeling better. Your embroidery is so charming x

margie said...

wait, is there anything on the cotton or are you just waiting to see, what will be there? a stain, a flower, i want to do this!!

Mari Mansourian said...

can't wait to see how the leaves and flowers turn out :)

julochka said...

i'm hoping there will be leaf prints of the leaves on the cotton. all i treated it with was ordinary vinegar - i thoroughly wet the cloth with that. i fear i should have washed it before trying it, but we'll see. it's an experiment! :-)

Abby said...

love the dolls!