Thursday, November 26, 2009

thankfulness: why yes, it is another list

it's that time. thanksgiving. my favorite of all of the holidays. a day of fabulous food that you don't have other days (or maybe only on christmas). a day to pause and think about, if only for a few minutes, the abundance life really does offer. a day to share with family and friends. a day of card games and board games (in my family, growing up, anyway). perfect turkeys, sticky sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, spicy pumpkin pie with plenty of whipped cream. tho' we're not celebrating 'til saturday, i wanted to do my thankfulness list today, where it could enter the big thankfulness cloud out there in the world.

i'm thankful for...

: : these two people. and the times we have together, whether it's at the dinner table on a nightly basis or running along the beach in the wind as the north sea crashes on the sand beside us.  they really are my life.

: : i'm thankful for having a great kitchen in which to cook the thanksgiving feast and a whole lot of guests to share it with.

: : i'm thankful for friends - long-term ones who we can visit in our pajamas if we want to and new ones who we are just getting to know and who we solve the world's problems with over dinner and glasses of red wine late into a saturday night. and blog friends (more about that in a minute.)

: : my creative space.

: : books. and living in a home surrounded by books. i think it's good for the soul.

: : blog camp. and the way it has transformed cyber friends into real life friends. and that they want to come back again.

: : collaborations and potential collaborations and having my creativity pushed by the creativity of others.

: : a fresh start and a light heart.

: : the weaving lessons i'm going to start in january.

: : living a place where i don't have to worry about health insurance, unemployment, child care or homelessness.

: : i'm thankful to all of you for reading what i have to say and leaving your comments (i know everyone is saying this in the blogosphere today, but it means a lot and you know i don't like to be sentimental). and i'm really happy you told me about the loading issues, so i could make some adjustments - please do let me know if it loads better now!

happy thanksgiving everyone! even if you're not where it's thanksgiving, it doesn't hurt to pause and be thankful, just for a second.


Elizabeth said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!

Collaborations, weavinglessons, you are on a roll.

Enjoy your day and I'll see you soon.


Unknown said...

I'm starting to get what this whole Thanksgiving holiday is about through my blogs! I could never quite get it before but I'd love to be in the States one year to celebrate.
I'm thankful for collaborations, ideas and blogs too. And of course for Blog Camp! Seriously cannot wait!

Zuzana said...

What a beautiful family, happy Thanksgiving to you all.;)

McGillicutty said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We all have so much to be thankful for...hubby made a fantastic thanksgiving breakfast this morning so I'm hoping I can do the dinner justice!!!!

Cyndy said...

Dear Julie,

I am thankful for you this year for too many reasons to be posted here right now (what? no miniblogging from Cyndy? Something for YOU to be thankful for!)

Hope your holiday weekend is everything you hope for and more!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Char said...

near and far friends, i love them all.

have a happy weekend and enjoy your thanksgiving saturday.


An Open Heart said...

I hope you have a beautiful celebration!


Bee said...

Sig gave me an article about Happiness -- and a sense of gratefulness, a positive attitude, and courage are all part of the equation. It's so good to take stock, isn't it? These are wonderful blessings that you list . . . and I'm so glad that you've included blog friends (who are, of course, very REAL friends).


Just Jules said...

I am thankful for 'meeting' you and others thru this crazy obsession called blogging. I can not believe how it consumes my mind and how much I love it.

Katea said...

Loads better, yes. Usually we're all focused on making things better or different, and the times we express heartfelt gratitude are precious. Happy Thanksgiving!

Relyn Lawson said...

There is nothing like a list of thankful thoughts to make me smile. Aren't we all so very, very blessed?

SE'LAH... said...

Hope your thanksgiving was full of love and light.